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24-10-2002, 12:42:09
CRPG fans might want to check out the demo here (http://www.arxfatalis-online.com). Arx Fatalis has been billed by some as an unofficial sequel to the Ultima Underworld games. The English version should be out in the next week or two, but some of the Euros should already have seen it on store shelves.

Despite my initial skepticism (the game is made by the French), I'm planning on giving this one a try. The atmosphere of the demo reminded me of a old game called Azrael's Tear, which few of you will remember. Let's just say it had great atmosphere.

24-10-2002, 13:17:30
Demo impressions

Combat: Think Morrowind, click away!
Magic: Black and White's rune drawing system, which looks cool, but I only found a torch igniting spell in the demo (is it too slow for combat casting?)
Inventory: Frustrating as hell, there's click and drag, double click, and holding the cursor over an item and pressing enter, probably others, but the demo doesn't seem come with anything more than onscreen tutorial instruction. Maybe there's a quickbar I don't know about. Definitely has a learning curve.
Video: Very nice, no real time shadows (just in demo?), remarkable considering they made their own engine.
Sound: good voice acting, good ambient sounds

06-11-2002, 19:31:12
Now available in the US.

Recently discovered I missed about half the demo because of one hallway I forgot to explore. I love the spellcasting system.

06-11-2002, 19:32:52

06-11-2002, 23:32:05
t-t-t-t-t-talking to my-self.

Greg W
07-11-2002, 21:40:47
May very well grab this when it's out in Oz. Will have to wait and see.

Ever play the original Ultima Underworld games? Does it have the same feel?

08-11-2002, 06:11:18
Every time I see this thread title, I keep reading it: Arse Fatalist.

08-11-2002, 15:56:26
Originally posted by Greg W
Ever play the original Ultima Underworld games? Does it have the same feel?

Despite being a fan of all things Ultima, I never did the Underworld games - I think I was in college at the time and had no computer.

The devs claim to have integrated what they liked about underworld with a little bit of Thief/Deus Ex thrown in for flavor.

I think it will be a solid game, but nothing earth shattering. I'll be picking it up Saturday, I think. My Icewind Dale II interest is down to about one night a week.

12-11-2002, 22:08:13
Arx interview on Gamespy (http://www.gamespy.com/interviews/november02/arxfatalis/index.shtml)

Probably better to hear about it straight from the horse's mouth.

I've found that you can store 3 quickcast spells and that there are hotkeys for potion use. Much better!

Only ran into one bug (all civvies in an area turned hostile for no reason) so far, requiring me to go back to an early saved game (2 hours earlier) to workaround it. Other than that, its been fun.