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23-12-2001, 20:31:58
Just got it but had to leave it to go to parents so review will have to wait till new year.

The first mission played well but I found it slightly unnerving. Basically you invade Everon and the during the first mission you are fighting almost exclusively civilians. After killing most of a village I seriously considered rejoining the yanks.

The new vehicle look fantastic. Esp the new M2 bradley and the vulcan AA unit. The Chinook looks good too.

Stay tuned for the full review

No longer Trippin
24-12-2001, 15:49:52
The game with vehicle controls from hell.

26-12-2001, 12:07:36
Youve just got to know how to handle your weapon Trip :)

No longer Trippin
26-12-2001, 15:57:34
The way I took the Thunderbolt off was flying it off a cliff... I didn't know which way to set the flaps (it didn't tell me)... So I just went as fast as possible and drove off a nearby cliff. :)

The helicopter missions were what pissed me off... the controls worked intermittently, sometimes not at all, then you had to contend with getting the gunner to actually decide to shoot something, which would never fucking happen.

Not to mention the scripting errors in the game, counting on another unit or formation to accomplish something before the game queries the next checkpoint, a key person in that formation is killed, or all of them or killed? Guess what, you have to start over. Drove me fucking nuts. Suicidal infantryman drove me nuts as well DEFEND dammit DEFEND. Not go run up and grab the BMPs attention.

26-12-2001, 23:59:21
Dont know whats up with your machine but I found the helo's easy to fly. Trick is to know when and how to turn off the auto-hover and to use the keys to fly and the mouse to control the camera. Agree with you about the thunderbolt though. Total pig to fly. The update comes with a strategy guide which includes a "how to fly the thunderbolt" bit. ie telling you how to get the dam thing up and keep it up (sorry about the innuendo). Tells you the min flight speed +/- flaps etc.

Nothing wrong with getting a BMPs attention. As long as you do it with a LAW :)

No longer Trippin
27-12-2001, 04:54:59
LAWs are woefully inaccurate. I did a test from a save using the aiming reticule. The LAW went on it's own merry course based very loosly on the aiming lines.

The best gun in the game is the HK if only cause you can use it and not get shot at, although a BMP will find you if you use it, don't see how that is? Some guy looking through a small armored glass window sees better than a group of guys on the ground getting shot to shit as they run around like idiots.

The worst part of the game is that you have to buy the expansion to get the explanation of how to do things and to get the game properly patched. Sounds remarkably like another company we all have grown to loath. :)

27-12-2001, 12:38:19
Thats not srictly true - if you buy the expansion you do get the patch but you can get the patch free from the website anyway. I agree the original manual could have been twice the size though.

As for the BMP thing I've never really encountered it. If theres BMPs around I'll the first think I hit will be them.

The update also includes a few new weapons including a kolice hunting rifle for civilians/guerillas and the Steyr Aug.

For 10 pounds I wouldn't complain - if this was Fuxs-up-is they would have made it thwice the price and not actually fix the bugs...