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The Rusty Gamer
23-12-2001, 14:26:09
Well, RCT got all the rave reviews and I have played it and enjoyed it. It has some problems however that were glossed over or totally ignored by reviewers in all the hype. These are things very basic to gameplay enjoyment and shouldn't have been overlooked. They are as follows.

1. Building rollercoasters is very fiddly. It's very hard to get them right. Furthermore, you often don't find out until too late that you can't create a proper entrance or exit path because it is blocked by the rollercoaster pylons.

2. Building queues for rides is annoying because the moment it is side-on to a path, it automatically connects to it, whereas you might want to create a queue parallel to a path. The only way to do this is is to rip out the path, create the queue, and then put the path back in. This all costs extra money and is fiddly.

3. You cannot simply plonk a ride down. You have to manually remove trees first. This is a nuisance, particularly with huge already-made rollercoasters. When you place a ride, the trees should automatically be removed.

Theme Park World was not as well received. However, after playing it for only a couple of hours when I first got it, I've gone back to it more recently and discovered it has more depth than at first glance. Let me give you some of its advantages.

1. The building/designing/editing of rollercoasters is much easier than in RCT, almost a piece of cake in fact.

2. No hassle in building a queue. You can choose where to connect it to the main path.

3. You can actually ride all the rides and walk around the park (a virtual 3D world) with Theme Park. It's quite a feat to be able to actually ride in a coaster you designed yourself and see the layout of the park (as you ride or walk around) exactly as you designed it. A lot of work must've gone into this aspect of it and it really has been undervalued and the developers have not been given the credit they deserve.

4. You can go online and walk through and ride on the rides of parks designed from all over the world which I've done recently and is quite fun.

In summary, I enjoy both games, they both do the park management idea in their own unique way. I just wanted to redress the balance and give some justice to Theme Park World and bring to attention some of the glaring faults of RCT that should have been adressed and rectified.

Please vote on the poll and add your comments.

NB: The is a sequel to Theme Park World (which is known as either Theme Park Inc. or Simcoaster depending on which part of the world you're in) but have not bought it so cannot comment on it. I'm waiting for it to come out on the cheap label :lol: but I assume its better. Could anyone who's played it tell me what it's like compared to the original please?

Vincent Fandango
23-12-2001, 19:48:55
I played a lot TPW. mainly because it's one of the few games my 5 years old son can watch whil I'm playing. We know pretty well how to play it, but I still like it. It's very funny

23-12-2001, 20:41:38
I still value the original Theme Park from way back when.

24-12-2001, 05:36:53
Theme Park World sucked. Theme Park was sucky... It SHOULD have been Rollercoaster Tycoon. ;)


The main thing that bothers me in RCT is the fact that you cannot build in pause.

As for the things YOU mention, you learn quickly how to handle it.

The reason you can build anything in TPW is that it DOESN'T matter when you build a coaster. It doesn't do real world. And Bullfrog said they did that for one reason: Because the game is meant to appeal to 6 and 7 year olds, as RCT was the masterpiece and they'd never be able to come close to it. Copy, yes, but that's NOT what Bullfrog does. They make their own games.

24-12-2001, 11:27:27
Originally posted by Darkstar
The main thing that bothers me in RCT is the fact that you cannot build in pause.

The reason you can build anything in TPW is that it DOESN'T matter when you build a coaster. It doesn't do real world.

OK, lets put those two comments together... How many times in real life have you seen someone press a pause button, let the world stop while they build a Roller Coaster?

I'd say that if someone could do that then they'd be heralded as a wizard or magician if you like!

I much prefer RcT personally... Theme park world was comical but only kept my attention for a couple of hours. RcT I could keep coming back to and have a good time playing it.

24-12-2001, 11:38:29
Ah, yes, but in RCT, you CAN instant build. Via Load Tracks. And since many of the scenarios are time sensitive...

It takes me a good bit of time to BUILD a new Roller. Ever a small one. And that can REALLY matter in RCT... especially if you have to have X number of rollers in the park by Y date. Then there is going back and toning down the coaster... After playing the game for a bit, I was VERY surprised you cannot build by hand in pause, but you can via Load Tracks. And that you couldn't run a 'sim' to make sure your coaster didn't jump track. There are several odd missing little elements (IE, having to clear trees by hand when building). But it doesn't significantly kill the game. Not to me. Just it's quirks. I have lots of fun playing it.

Now... Theme *Hospital*, I really liked. That was cool. ;) But not Theme Park World. :vom:

The Rusty Gamer
24-12-2001, 13:28:47
One trick or "cheat" in RCT is to create your rollercoaster in a new game, save the rollercoaster but don't save the game. Then you can reload the game you were playing before, and load the rollercoaster.

The "not being able to build while in pause mode" is a part of Chris Sawyer's style - he put in the same limitation in Transport Tycoon. Keeps the pressure on, doesn't it?

Since I've been enjoying TPW lately, I must have the heart of a 6 or 7 year old in a 42 year old body.:)

Can anyone tell me what Simcoaster/Them Park Inc. is like?

25-12-2001, 06:23:44
Hey, if you enjoy it, more power to you!

Simcoaster? It's just a renamed Theme Park World, isn't it? That's what it looked like... just EA trying to cash in on the name and popularity of Maxis's Sim...

It is very nice in TP and TPW that you can 'ride' the rides. But many of them just weren't worth 'riding'. TPW just had too much of a 'have to put in more shops' element, and less 'have fun playing with the rides'. In RCT, while shops get you a nice bonus, you really don't have to have them.

27-12-2001, 17:59:48
Theme Park Inc. Now theres another example of fat cat Game developers trying to cash in even more money on an ageing genre... I'm not saying its dead or anywhere near dead but its just the same old thing re-hashed with you starting as a rookie in the business (The theme park business that is) gradually promoting yourself to get the title of Managing Director beating all the other current directors etc. to it...

The idea, graphics, rides are all the same. Same old shit... Waste of money if you've got TPW.

02-01-2002, 13:48:54
There seems to be Sim Everything coming out at the moment. Sim Airport, Sim Golf, Sim Pizza Hut, Sim Arsehole...

I loved Theme Park and Theme Hospital, and also Transport Tycoon. Can't comment on either of the above Rollercoaster Simulators, but would have loved to have been able to ride one's own creations in Theme Park...

Vincent Fandango
02-01-2002, 22:58:58
I would buy Sim Arsehole. Now that would be an innovative game, and no use to use a number for the title.

The Rusty Gamer
03-01-2002, 05:22:14
Originally posted by Vincent Fandango
I would buy Sim Arsehole. Now that would be an innovative game, and no use to use a number for the title.

But would you want to ride it?;)

03-01-2002, 09:37:17
With pleasure :cool:

03-01-2002, 10:55:59

03-01-2002, 13:28:42
he heh heh :lol: