View Full Version : Just watched - Amorres Perros

21-10-2002, 09:43:09
Very, very good film. Highly recommended. Especially if you like stories about dog fighting, car crashes, adultery and crazy old vagrants who get their revenge.

The non-linear plot links together three sets of people who's lives are all linked by a violent car crash. It tells the three stories in remarkably different ways, the pacing, direction and emotional input for each thread pulls you in different directions, but neither thread out-shines the other. There are some odd moments, such as "the hole", and some pretty gruesome moments, mainly the dog-fighting, and some excellent black comedy. The title "Love's a Bitch" is very apt.

Violent, sexy, dark, moody, pacy and well-observed, this is a compelling tale with a nicely well-judged ending.

And for all you humane, anti-vivesectionists, even though the whole credits roll in Brazilian, the "no animals were harmed..." statement is in English. Aah.

Go see!