View Full Version : Lyle Lovett, Anthology Volume One: Cowboy Man

22-12-2001, 22:56:26
Yesterday it was Mrs. j's and my anniversary and she gave me a couple of new cds.
I would like to recommend to those of you who like Americana music to give this one a try. It is an anthology not a greatest hits album. LL took the time to select a series of his past songs and weave them together into a fine-grained atmospheric tapestry of the Western U.S., especially South Texas. If you have liked LL in the past you will like this cd. If you are interested in music entirely off the top 20 radar screen displaying great song writing, and dripping with emotion give this one a test listen and let me know what you think

23-12-2001, 19:06:56
Happy Anniversary!

24-12-2001, 11:05:31
Shame she didn't buy you a boat and a pony. :coolgrin:

24-12-2001, 21:30:27
Thanks guys.
That cut is actually on the cd player at this moment. :bounce: