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22-12-2001, 22:10:29
Blondie - Blondie (Cool. I'm warming to them.)

Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes (Bowie should have done the song himself, the rest of the album is pretty crap.)

The Temptations - Psychadelic Shack/All Directions (Papa Was a Rolling Stone is great. Not sure about the rest.)

Buddy Holly - the singles + (I'm totally and utterly in love with Peggy Sue (among other songs). A lot of today's music, The Strokes and whatever, sounds exactly like he did.)

23-12-2001, 19:05:54
Dr. Octagyneacologist, Dr Octagon AKA Kool Keith. One of the best hip hop albums I've heard. Definitely my favourite. Might do a classic album review of that sometime.

Renegades, Rage Against the Machine Just found the album again, brilliant.

Big Bang Theory, Left Side Brain. See review.

23-12-2001, 20:39:20
Are we allowed to do "Classic Album Reviews"? I've got a few I'd love to do... :D

Tomorrow I shall be litsening exclusively to Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift For You. It's this years new Christmas Eve tradition, and a damn good album. Classic christmas songs perfectly produced with every Wall of Sound trick of the book.

23-12-2001, 21:04:26
I don't know if there's a strict policy on that really.

23-12-2001, 21:23:01
Tell you what, if you do one, I'll do one too. That way all the responsibility falls on you. :beer:

24-12-2001, 12:04:34