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Scabrous Birdseed
17-10-2002, 23:52:30
Bo! Here comes the first track! When I say Scabrous you say Birdseed! Scabrous! BIRDSEED! Scabrous! BIRDSEED! Everybody say Bo!

Er, sorry, I got caught up in the spirit of my gimmicky Soca Gold Megamix I got with the latest installation of that well-renommated series. Anyway, on Monday I plan to start the sequencing of tracks for LWP3. I'd be grateful if people sent me stuff by mid-next-week at the latest. Come on MikeShakeyDebaser, come on The Bursar, come on Sean.


Provost Harrison
18-10-2002, 00:19:37
I will have that CD to you by this weekend, as I explained. I would have had it to you sooner but you just have a shit computer :D

Scabrous Birdseed
18-10-2002, 00:27:06
mumble mumble mumble.

Provost Harrison
18-10-2002, 00:28:25
Look at my wonderful system, would take it in it's stride and this lump is 3 years old. I shall do it this weekend and get the CD to you!

18-10-2002, 08:58:44
ARGH! Another thing to do this weekend.

The Shaker
18-10-2002, 18:31:02
Me and debaser are still waiting for Funky to get his cock out of his hand.

20-10-2002, 22:11:39
Doing it right now, boss.

Iain, get your arse in gear with LWP2.

The Bursar
20-10-2002, 22:40:46
posting on the 'morrow morn

20-10-2002, 22:42:26
Do you want a blank CD-R as well, or are you buying your own?

20-10-2002, 22:46:43
Oh, and the CD case I’m sending is absolutely knackered, but I will hold you responsible for any breakage.

Scabrous Birdseed
20-10-2002, 23:01:41
Nah, that's fine, I thought buying my own CD-Rs (in a pile of 50, mind) would be the best way to share the costs reasonably.

20-10-2002, 23:02:22
OK then, I just need the envelopes.

22-10-2002, 01:41:41
Originally posted by Sean
Iain, get your arse in gear with LWP2.
Especially the review of my CD!

22-10-2002, 08:56:24
Glad I rushed mine through...