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17-10-2002, 20:52:40
Currently playing Chambois; you were expecting anything else :)? Anyway, so far I have lost about 1/3 of armors and 1/5 of my infantry (I'm on turn 6 or so). Generally I'm getting my ass kicked :D.
So, if any of you guys would fancy an easy win over the weekend, you know who to call :).

17-10-2002, 20:54:09
Oh and weekend = Friday-Sunday in my case :).

20-10-2002, 21:50:26
woohoo time for some more games. Wheres RC when you need him.

Anyway I just got Combat Mission 2 today and am currently getting kicked around by the AI again. Just when I knew the difference between a PzIVH and a Puma and whether its a good idea to drive sherman easy eights through mud I've now got another 300 units to figure out.

Current favourites are an early russian tank with 2 turrets each with 1 MG in it. Completely shite but highly amusing. You can kill the thing with an MG42 HMG from 25m. Also the russian tank hunter teams who go after panzers with molotov cocktails and a tin opener.

The ranges involved can be huge too - you can get steppe maps where you get tanks engaging at around a kilometer distance. Havnt managed to field one of the super heavy russian tanks vs a jagdtiger - over a 1Km range that should be something - 2 tanks with 128mm guns and 250+mm armor.

21-10-2002, 17:42:56
Well, I still have to figure out the first batch of vehicles, so you're quite ahead of me; I'm still getting my kicks from using flame thrower teams :)...
That 2MG tank is highly amusing indeed - what kind of armor it had. And how many crew members?
Size - well, that's the Eastern Front for you :).
And yeah, Keith, show yourself!

As a final note, I must say that CMBO has a high educational value. Why, just yesterday I had learned a quite fun fact - launching bazooka rounds in a building may set it on fire.

25-10-2002, 21:51:34
and the back blast will cause any other troops near it to be suppressed even if you dont set the building alight.

Now if you were playing the brits you wouldnt have this problem as the PIAT had some clever launcher (I think it was more like a sideways mortar than a rocket) which made it easier to use, more accurate and had a larger shaped charge payload giving it better armor penetrance. And didnt set the house on fire when fired from a window.

Unfortunately it weighed about half as much again so its not to much fun to lug around with someone shooting at you.

26-10-2002, 15:44:46
PIATs can't run very well, that's true... I imagine they're great for surprise attacks 'though.
And do you recommend using bazookas/PIATs against infantry targets? I had to do this in Aachen against an MG nest (I set the building which it occupied on fire).

26-10-2002, 15:52:00
Keith has gone opp north this weekend.

26-10-2002, 20:14:06
The computer likes to use them against guns, I've never bothered. The blast value is too low to really be much use.

they are great ambush units though. If your planning a dug in line a couple of flame throwers and piats dug in amongst them makes a pretty nice suprise. And for MG nests direct fire HE is the best solution, either from infantry tanks/assault guns (shermans, panzer IVs, stugs) or self propelled arty (priests/hummel) and the bigger the better.

Incidently cmbb features canister rounds for close up anti personnel work which worknicely for this sort of thing

27-10-2002, 01:17:36
I got CMBO by mail order when it first came out. What a kick arse game!

Is multiplayer still a case of sending a file by email to your enemy? I never got past about 5 phases doing it that way...don't even think our units had had eye contact!

I'd love to play MP if things are faster now if anyone's up for it. Although I've lent my copy to my bro.

Is CMBB any different to BO from a gameplay/graphics POV?

And anyone fancy a CM mini league? Although I'd sure need to get some practice.

27-10-2002, 01:18:31
Just checked out Battlefront website. Yeah CMBB looks sweet!

27-10-2002, 16:50:17
TAZ: thanks for the heads up.

Beta1: Thanks for the advice - again :). Unfortunately in Aachen I had both my Sherman and my Priest on different streets than the one with the MG-nested house, and about 3 bazooka teams, this looked like the best thing to do (didn't want my armor to be facing any AT teams by the side, plus the two were needed where they were).
I have a gameplay question. Can flame throwers knock out vehicles (I'm talking about tanks mostly)? Common logic would dictate so...
And another thing - do you know of any site that has a listing of all the vehicle and equipment specs for CMBO?
Finally, I found this article (http://www.wwiitech.net/main/britain/weapons/piat/) on the PIAT. No wonder it had no exhaust gas - it was launched by a giant spring :lol:!

BoltyBoy: No, there's a TCP/IP option for CMBO.

28-10-2002, 22:56:33
TCP/IP in cmbb too. CMBB has better graphics than cmbo, mostly due to improved polys/model. Theres a lot more detail on the tanks for instance. Mind you if you download some of the graphics mods for cmbo it looks pretty good.

LoD - I have some excel files that cover most of the units/arty/tanks etc. I got them from MtG or OllyP who got them from someone else. I'll attach them to the next turn (although that may be tommorrow - I'm packing to move house)

29-10-2002, 11:16:16
How does TCP/IP work for CM? Does all combat become real time or does it somehow retain the 60 second chunks of game play?

29-10-2002, 18:06:31
Beta1: Excellent, thanks in advance! Good luck in the move.

BB: From what I know, it's still orders phase-action phase. You can limit the time the players use for the turn 'though.

29-10-2002, 20:55:55
The most famous action involving a PIAT must be the case of fusilier Jefferson in Italy. Jefferson dashed into the open and stopped two tigers with his PIAT firing from the hip. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, Britainís highest honour, for this act though the general consensus was that he deserved a VC for firing the PIAT from the hip, let alone destroying two heavy tanks!


Incidentally, is CM worth buying to play SP (until I get a real life and internet connection)?

30-10-2002, 04:00:54
Hell yeah! I just d/l the demo of CM:BB and although quite boring terrain for the demo maps, I can see that for the main product the maps will be sweet and this will suck out any life you had left in you! CM:BO was awesome and this looks like a treat.

Depends what you like of course. I love being able to zoom in right up close to a unit and follow him across the battlefield before taking a panzer shell right up the arse! Then you rewind the phase and re-watch it from the POV of the enemy tank watching a lone soldier legging it across an open field praying he doesn't get a panzer shell up the ...BOOOM!!!

The enemy AI plays well. Just playing the CM:BB demo, I'm sure he intentionaly sent one unit in to my supposed trap so my soldiers would open fire thus revealing their locations and then proceeded to wipe em all out with his tank shells. I'd sure as hell use a technique like that! Bastard!

Oh yeah and it's got an editor to make your own levels too...now I'll have a reason to finish a map I was making for CM:BO. Well come Xmas anyway cos I'm too skint to buy any games right now :(

But you go buy now!

30-10-2002, 23:57:23
CMBO is definately worth playing SP. It will take you some time to reliably beat the AI. After that theres a series of handicapping options to boost the AI. If you can beat the computer whien it has a +3 experience bonus then maybe your ready play MtG!

At least if you play scenarios it works like that. In random battles the AI suffers a little when made to attack as on maps with less than 50% cover it becomes very predictable. Basilcally if theres 2 ways it can attack as long as you choose a good combo of heavy arty, pre-defined target points and some HMGs/mines you can guarentee that you will stop his main infantry advance with the mines/HMGs and route it with artillery fire. After that its just mopping up. The AI defends well though.

In CMBB the AI seems to attack a little more carefully - hence the scout unit triggering the ambush - the AI in CMBO only ever did this by accident.

CMBB hasnt quite grabbed me as much as CMBO did but thats probably due to the rather overwhelming scale of the game, in cmbo you know roughly what terrain to expect. In CMBB if you have it on random you coulg end up with anything from a finland snow field to a black sea resort taking in the ruins of stalingrad and the steppes on the way!

31-10-2002, 13:06:52
Got the demo, it's been two days and I haven't had time to install it :(

03-11-2002, 20:02:12
MDA: Like my two predecesors said, CMBO is great in SP. The variety of scenarios you get is incredible - no two are really the same.

Oh, and where the Hell has Beta1 gone to :)?

BTW, I think I'm playing this game too mutch. Last week, I was passing a guy on the street who had a dark tubus hanging across his back. My first thought upon seeing him: "Oh fuck, a bazooka!"

11-11-2002, 16:19:34
I've gone to .......


(for the non londonytes thats just south of the river from RC!)

And I have a new job which requires far more effort and far less posting.

And my new flat doesnt have a telephone line (untill friday anyway)

Resource Consumer
11-11-2002, 16:23:55
bad career move...

11-11-2002, 16:50:42
Yeah but the moneys good! and putney is far nicer than highbury