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14-10-2002, 08:05:18
Guest Spot!

One of the coolest cult sites ever to be created by a Big Evil Corporation, IT Anthems (http://www.zdnet.co.uk/specials/2002/it-anthems/) is a collection of the most cringeworthy, awful pieces of music ever concieved by the brains of the afflicted in Dot-com marketing departments. Ranging from stirring gospel about how all their employees are family members (Honeywell) to a soulful woman dreaming about a dual-processor system (SGI), everything on this page is guaranteed to absolutely bloody awful and most of it is quite funny too. In an embarassing, "The Office" kind of way.

I've picked the one I imagine will reflect the sentiment shared by most people: "Infogrames Rocks My World" (http://anthems.zdnet.co.uk/anthems/infogrames.mp3).

Scabrous Birdseed
14-10-2002, 17:14:51
LIVE!!! Make my creating LIIIIIVE!

Scabrous Birdseed
15-10-2002, 15:27:15

15-10-2002, 15:30:23
It's great to see I left mp3 of the week in good hands. The tradition of no-one downloading it or talking about it is continued for another week. ;)

16-10-2002, 06:53:31
Snaps... that was just sick. We really should lync you for that mp3. ;)

16-10-2002, 14:07:09
Numbering it wrong didn't help ;)