View Full Version : Battlefield 1942 review by King_Ghidra

13-10-2002, 20:45:11
[Battlefield 1942 Review (http://www.counterglow.net/article.php?id=battlefield1942)]

Cheers, KG (who's on holiday in Greece at this moment)

14-10-2002, 04:31:36
Very nice review, by KG!

14-10-2002, 08:20:13
That's a great review:).

Reiterating my stance that reviews are better when the reviewer actually likes the game, despite all its flaws.

KG also writes with a great structure, getting to the heart of the matter immediately and then elaborating. Great work.

14-10-2002, 10:49:47
Looks like a nice team based FPS I'm almost tempted, but I'll wait until I've got broad band and something better than a TNT2

14-10-2002, 13:55:37
Broadband is a must. I played it for a while lastnight to get some screenshots, it's so involving I kept forgetting to take them!

14-10-2002, 14:50:06
Good review. Makes me want to play the game.

17-10-2002, 08:43:06
you guys are too sweet :love:

i notice nav didn't use any of the screenshots i sent him so he's off my christmas card list though :mad: :shoot:

17-10-2002, 09:43:53
i never got an email from you! (maybe you forgot to send it or it went to the wrong address)

17-10-2002, 09:50:13
''maybe you forgot to send it'???? right, now you're definitely off the list :bash:

i sent it to will@logicbox.net i think

17-10-2002, 22:41:46
This game is mine now.

18-10-2002, 04:14:35
Poor game!

18-10-2002, 08:49:51
I'd be interested to see Venom's take on it.

18-10-2002, 12:05:36
Well so far I've been training with the bots, learning the keys and all, and it's fucking worthless playing them.

And the default controls for flying just suck.

I can't wait to get online and try it out. But I'm just a dirty newbie so I must make sure I'm ready.

18-10-2002, 22:23:53
Originally posted by SATAN
i sent it to will@logicbox.net i think Sorry double checked, I never got anything from you. Resend them if you want me to add them in.

20-10-2002, 15:43:24
Just had my first official online game and I suck. not as bad as I thought I would suck, but I still need work.

Very fun though. Had a couple of times where I just stopped playing and damn...this is sweet.

21-10-2002, 08:40:51
wish I had more time to play it.

21-10-2002, 11:54:40
I'm training myself to be a tank killer. I'm no good at shooting people.

21-10-2002, 12:10:20
that doesn't sound like the venom we know and loathe

anyway forget tank killer, train yourself to be a tank commander and the mayhem will really begin

21-10-2002, 12:17:34
Everyone is already driving tanks. I like sneaking up behind them and watching them explode.

My aim sucks with the rifles though. I did knife 2 people to death yesterday however.

21-10-2002, 12:37:48
you live in a rough neighbourhood

21-10-2002, 12:57:52
And that was during the day. It's worse at night.