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19-12-2001, 16:29:30
A friend gave me his copy of Deus Ex, disc only - no manual.
I'm running through the training excersizes and there's a message on top of the screen that seems to be from a hispanic scientist guy.
I can't figure out how to get the messages to advance. So I'm guessing at what I'm supposed to be learning in each room.
How do I get the message to advance?

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19-12-2001, 16:35:38
I am trying to remember. I assume you have tried the obvious like enter.:)

I can't remember if left-click is the fire button or not which might do it.

We have some better players and better memoreies here than me so hang on help is at hand.

My recollection, though, is that they adnaced without any prompting. Just that you have to keep moving onewards and they pop up in the right place.

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19-12-2001, 16:39:27
Worst comes to worst, I'll load up the tutorial tonight and have a try.

19-12-2001, 17:07:52
space bar?

19-12-2001, 17:23:44
The messages scroll by themselves if memory serves. If there is more to the message, it should just scroll. If another message comes along, it replaces it.
The messages themselves in the tutorial sections are triggered by scripting, much like in half-life. So, depending on where you walk and what you are doing, triggers the relevant message.

If you want to review previous messages, go in to your itineary screen, then click on the tab for messages or logs or communication or something similar.

19-12-2001, 17:58:41
Here's exactly what happens. First room you walk toward the door and the first message pops up.
What it shows me is the message in a small box on the top-center of the screen with a little pic of the guy who's talking (Rodriguez or something).
I go into the next room and he's up above, overlooking the room. There's a desk lamp and key on a table.
The message stays the same but on top of the first message there is a line that says "message waiting" or something like that.
I've pressed every key, ctrl+every key, but must have missed something.
The message doesn't change automatically as I go through the training courses.

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19-12-2001, 18:21:53
I've just tried it - it changes auto for me.

Maybe look at the options there is an autoscroll or "don't wait" or something?

19-12-2001, 19:10:03
I'll go through the options when I get home from work.


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19-12-2001, 23:35:50
Let us know as this is a little puzzling.

20-12-2001, 13:37:27
That is totally odd, I really don't recall anything like that happening. Let us know how you get on.

I read an interview with Warren Spector today about Deus Ex2, which is well in to production. They've changed things a fair bit - the usual graphics enhancements (which probalby means I'll need a new pc to actually play it), and fairly heavy changes to the way the scripted events are triggered and how you interact with the storylines. Apparently this was criticised in the original (not by me).
He also said that there are now many more ways to play the game than before and that it would actually be possible to play it without having to use a single weapon. Interesting...

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20-12-2001, 13:41:54
SOunds good. Do we have any clues on likely release?

20-12-2001, 13:52:28
When it's done :confused:


Apparently they're using the new "Unreal Warefare" Engine to run it. Hope it runs better on GF2 than the first one did - Deus Ex was the only game that actually ran slower after I upgraded to a GF2 from a pair of Voodoo2s!

Reasonalby good interview/preview here

20-12-2001, 14:03:06

That's a bit more interesting.
Seems they're doing a version of Deus Ex for PS2 at the moment too...

25-12-2001, 13:44:34
Well, I gave up on Deus Ex for the moment.
A coworker gave me a copy of the new Wolfenstein, so I've been wrapped up in that plus I've been playing Red Faction on-line.
After I finish Wolf I'll reinstall Deus Ex and see what happens.
Thanks for the input.

01-01-2002, 18:23:53
Aah, oh well. Apparently Castle Wolfenstein doesn't last very long, so I hope you'll be back here telling us of your Deus Ex success very soon... :shoot: