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26-09-2002, 04:08:08
As the subject name, is anyone else buying them.
If so from where.

26-09-2002, 05:54:58
I've got quite a lot.

I am primarily getting them from Fictionwise.com (www.fictionwise.com)... well the ones I've bought. I have picked up a very few other ebooks from other sights, including BarnsAndNoble.com (www.barnsandnoble.com).

I've also picked up a lot of free ebooks from :
* http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/ebooks/

- and -

* http://esspc-ebooks.com/default.htm

Elegant Solutions doesn't look like much, but they do put up free eBooks.

Are you looking for a particular format? I am using the Microsoft Reader that came with my PPC. But the commercial sites carry Microsoft Reader, Adobe, Peanut Press, and Secure Mobile.

If you are after purely free, you will find plenty listed at Google, but most are for scams/MLM.... I think the Virginia library was the first I found when I did a search. ;)

If you have MS Reader and MS Word, you should get the Word plug in that converts any Word document to the Reader .lit format. Very handy...

26-09-2002, 05:57:23
Barns and Noble is supposed to be the host site for Microsoft's Free eBooks for its Reader, BTW.

If you are after other formats, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up. I know a few people big into Peanut Press (formerly, the Palm Reader).

26-09-2002, 08:53:09
e-books? You have to check out Baen's Books!

http://www.baen.com/library/ - For a load of free books by popular authors.

http://www.webscription.net/ - Proof that someone actually gets it, even in a RIAA world.

Miss out on your own risk.

26-09-2002, 08:57:46
I'm more into checking if others are using them as well.

I have all the SciFi from Baen, that's 2-300 in simple HTML format, and I'm trying to avoid M$'s demand for control of my PC, but unfortunately it's getting harder, so Adobe is my other choice.

Fictionwise seems to have the bulk of the older SciFi in M$ format, but seems very slow loading.

Random House seems reasonable.

Does the plug go the other way....??:(

26-09-2002, 09:01:32
My girlfriend installed ebooks on her mother's machine. And for the Audible stuff, since her mother was having trouble reading...

ebooks are being used, from what I've seen mentioned on Pocket PC communities, but it's not high yield/penetration yet.

26-09-2002, 09:02:33
Chagarra... no. Word to .lit format only. Nothing goes from .lit to anything else... Microsoft would use the DMCA so fast to shut that down, it isn't funny.

26-09-2002, 10:23:50
Darkstar: This has the makings of an excellent article for the site. A chance to flex those writing muscles in a worthy cause!

26-09-2002, 12:25:28
Seconded on the article, that would be great!

Some other sites that I've spent some time at:

Gutenberg Project: http://promo.net/pg/helpex.html

Lierature of the Fantastic: http://www.sff.net/people/doylemacdonald/lit.htp