View Full Version : My first full working in every CD player own home made CD collection

25-09-2002, 23:40:48
1. burn baby burn - ash

2. let's get fucked up - the cramps

3. maria - blondy

4.Strychnine - The fuzztones

5. She's wicked - The fuzztones

6. right here in my arms - him

7.this is love - PJ Harvey

8. diane - Husker Du

9. 8 miles high - husker du

10. blues from a gun - the jesus and mary chain

11. not too soon - throwing muses

12. fools gold - stone roses (remix, one hell of a remix)

13. jeune et con - saez

14. mala vida - Mano negra - REM

15. girl from mars - ash

16. what it's like - everlast

17. jump around - house of pain

:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
(intenso audio CD 70 min seems to work with every CD player and it seems to be of good quality)

Lazarus and the Gimp
27-09-2002, 15:15:51
Some seriously good tracks there, especially for those "jump around and scream" moments.

27-09-2002, 15:16:51
If I go to the After Dark tonight they'll definitely play at least 3 of those.

Lazarus and the Gimp
27-09-2002, 15:49:06
"Fool's Gold", "Girl from Mars" and "Jump around".

Am I right?

27-09-2002, 15:57:20
Pretty close. :D Probably Burn Baby Burn rather than Jump Around. They haven't been playing much Hip-Hop recently. Although one time they did half an hour of old school NWA and stuff like Jurrassic 5 that was a long time ago now.

27-09-2002, 21:24:49
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
especially for those "jump around and scream" moments.

That was the idea for this CD. Good call ;)

I'm thinking about making a "dance" CD next.

Which would be funny since I don't know shit about dance music.

Just what I've listened to and liked.(God bless WinMX and my college's zip hardware).