View Full Version : What the funk?

24-09-2002, 12:53:34
Who do you consider to be the funkiest muthafucker in music?

I reckon it's got to be Bootsy...

24-09-2002, 12:57:31
only if funky means insane

and judging by mr fingers it probably does

24-09-2002, 13:00:30
BTW: I don't actually care who anyone else thinks is funky, I just wanted an excuse to post that picture.

Goat Spawn
24-09-2002, 13:04:50
this man has funk. But there is no one more funky than this man. Lee "Scratch" Perry.

24-09-2002, 13:12:02
i liked that rick james guy - she's a super freak, superfeak!

24-09-2002, 13:36:54
Is it me?

24-09-2002, 14:09:11
it could be, he does look like he has a vagina

24-09-2002, 14:11:48
Originally posted by Funkodrom
Is it me?

What, funkiest guy in music? I was talking about funk as in jazz-funk, but if you thought I meant funk as in smell then maybe you are.

Scabrous Birdseed
24-09-2002, 17:09:16
At the mo, Just Blaze is making some damn funky stuff.