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19-09-2002, 16:34:33
I'm a big fan of Rainbow Connection or any of the songs from The Muppets Take Manhatten (With the exception of Together Again).

What are your favourite Muppets songs?

19-09-2002, 17:38:12
Keep Fishin' with Weezer.

Lazarus and the Gimp
19-09-2002, 21:13:16
Muh Nuh Muh Nuh.

19-09-2002, 22:10:29
Do Do Di Do do

19-09-2002, 22:40:01
Muh Nuh Muh Nuh
Do Do Di Do do
Muh Nuh Muh Nuh
Do Do Di Do do
Di Do do Di Do do
Di do do do dono do

Yep, that's my favourite too.

19-09-2002, 22:46:51

If you click on this link you can hear some excerts from the sublime Kermit Unpigged album, including a duet between Miss Piggy and the mighty Ozzy Osbourne (I'm really not joking). I think it's Ozzy singing Born To Be Wild.

no full songs i'm afraid, but the excerts are still good.

19-09-2002, 23:05:28
It didn't work. :(

The Shaker
19-09-2002, 23:10:10
the hidden one on that green day album

19-09-2002, 23:19:36
Originally posted by Funkodrom
It didn't work. :(

Really? Works fine for me still. Hang On.

19-09-2002, 23:20:44
Try this http://www.artistdirect.com/store/artist/album/full/0,,471410,00.html and choose the Kermit Unpigged option.

19-09-2002, 23:25:48
Yeah, i can get there fine but the download doesn't work. :(

19-09-2002, 23:26:51
Don't worry, they're shit anyway.

Was the B's any good?

20-09-2002, 09:49:28
First band were brilliant. Old school rock. Like Sabbath really.

Second band were a terrible, out of tune attempt to be At the Drive in. Horrible.

The Shaker
20-09-2002, 17:03:16
First band were brilliant. Not Old school rock. Not Like Sabbath at all.

Second band were a brilliant, out of tune attempt to be At the Drive in. Fantastic.

20-09-2002, 17:28:55
Were did you go to watch the bands?

Scabrous Birdseed
04-10-2002, 15:42:20

06-10-2002, 07:03:25
the one from Muppet Christmas carol..one more sleep til christmas

06-10-2002, 08:20:07
Now, I'm worried.

Laz, Debaser, Funko, and I all have the same favorite Muppet song.

15-10-2002, 20:58:30
Movin' Right Along… from one of the movies.

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said Munuh Munuh though…
I just got tired of it though…

The Rusty Gamer
24-10-2002, 00:41:57
"Mahna Mahna" - a small history lesson. (And that is the correct spelling according to the Muppets record).

You might be interested to know that the version that appeared on (I think) the first episode of The Muppet Show was nowhere near as good as a previous version that had appeared on Sesame Street that I remember watching as a kid. The drummer did a lot better improvisation, was alot crazier. I've never seen this version since; it would be great to somehow be able to get hold of it. Does anyone else remember this earlier version?

The Rusty Gamer
24-10-2002, 00:49:16
There was a song that started something like "There was you and me and George..." and ended up with something like "...and George fell into the river and drowned and got carried out to sea, that that just left you alone with me". Now that's funny.