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17-12-2001, 18:01:01
Owing to my poor student status I leap at any offer of high-quality free audiovisual equipment. My dear mum, who used to work in Educational TV during the 70s and 80s, has bequathed on me a rather nifty-looking Sennheiser MD 421N mike from the seventies or thereabouts. Now, this is a nice, weighty proffessional-quality mike, and it'd suit my needs very nicely indeed.

The problem is the plug at the back of the mike (alas, the wire's been lost). Not being intimately familiar with good audiovisual equipment (er, I can't afford any), I was wondering if it was standard nowadays... Basically, it's a male connector consisting of an outer circle with a dip at the top, and three pins arranged in a triangle towards the bottom. A bit like a large (keyboard) PS2 connector but with only three pins. So, is this a plug I could concievably find wires for?

(Also, what does the little wheel that turns from "S" to "M" do?)

Vincent Fandango
17-12-2001, 18:31:28
Probably an XLR plug. I think it's a dynamic microphone, so connection it to a standard microphone input is possible (you need some "phantom power" connection for some condenser microphones). The XLR is very common, so you should be able to get a cable at any music instrument store.

17-12-2001, 18:50:24
Thanks! That's all I needed to know. I was afraid the standard had changed since the seventies...

Vincent Fandango
17-12-2001, 18:53:53

17-12-2001, 18:56:16
That's it! Wow. Of course, the mike bit is slightly larger.

17-12-2001, 18:59:27
Wait a second- I believe that's a lengthwise and not a breadthwise indent on mine. And possibly the pins are smaller/futher appart, though that's hard to tell.

Vincent Fandango
17-12-2001, 19:29:56
This is a Shure SM57, quite common:

Vincent Fandango
17-12-2001, 19:30:50
In the background you can spot the THPS2 manual ...

17-12-2001, 21:51:29
Nope- it looks much more like the first one, I'm afraid. It's sufficiently similar for me to believe it's the very same one.

Vincent Fandango
17-12-2001, 22:06:48
Both is XLR, so you should have no problem to find cable.
I'm not s(h)ure about the wheel, but IIR correctly you can change the filter characteristics of some Sennheiser microphones (adding more bass). S and M may stand for - no! not! - Sprache/Musik (voice/music)

Resource Consumer
19-12-2001, 11:03:38
No problem with the indent the XLR should fit and lock. They are a little expensive, though, and I doubt you'll get one less than 3m in length so watch how you string and coil it to avoid hum.

19-12-2001, 21:19:26
Really? All I need is like a meter or so. How expensive can they be? Not more than 10 for a minimal XLR-to-large normal mike plug wire surely?

Vincent Fandango
19-12-2001, 21:25:36
Well, Hosa makes cheap hadware. Hosa PXF-110 (3 m) = 13,75 EUR / 26,89 DEM / 9 GBP

No longer Trippin
01-01-2002, 00:32:42
If you have a nice mike, you might as well spend a little extra and get a cable with good shielding. Unless you like 60hz hum.