View Full Version : Space Trader: Elite on Palm Pilot

19-09-2002, 10:33:54
Found a really cool version of Elite for the Palm, everything is there except the space fights "Action Style" (replaced by a rather boring series of "you hit/miss the pirate ship" and "the pirate ship hit/missed you" until one of the two is dead/flees/surrenders

If you liked elite at the time, and own a palm, get this and you'll never be bored in a meeting again :D


oh, and it's free too ! (GNU Licence)

Have fun

19-09-2002, 12:42:15
I've been playing it for ages. very good for those dull tube journeys but it plays hell with your battery life!

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
19-09-2002, 16:03:20
I've also been playing it for ages. Luckily, I have a rechargeable Kyocera QCP 6035 Phone/Palm combo.

There's another Palm game I found, needs registration after a while though. I'll post a link, might interest Darkstar :)

24-09-2002, 03:39:50
It's a Pocket PC game? :D

Although I suppose I could break out a Palm OS emulator if need be...

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
24-09-2002, 16:17:11
Sadly, no.

I posted a new thread about it last week, one of those sad threads that gets no replies. Which is better than it getting hijacked and spammed in, I guess. Always look at the bright side :)

Link: http://www.counterglow.net/forum/showthread.php?threadid=7500