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17-12-2001, 13:39:41
Anyone else find that when they have a great player in their team (Pelé for example) that they tend to try and rely on them a bit too much?

I get it all the time. Owen gets the ball and I want to run him from the halfway line through the entire opposition team. Pelé gets the ball and I want to score from wherever I have the ball.

It's really good to have good players but really Great players that you expect miracles from can be a distraction sometimes...

17-12-2001, 13:53:36

17-12-2001, 14:24:27
What? ;)

17-12-2001, 14:30:04
yes, this is especially a problem with the club teams and in master league. I saved up and saved up and bought maradona and suddenly the team play went out of the window and i started to depend on the little talisman to get the points. In fairness he didn't disappoint :)

Still it's the same in real life - look at liverpool yesterday :D

17-12-2001, 14:31:53
I found that even playing with Classic Brazil I was relying too much on Pelé and that teams brilliant throughout.

17-12-2001, 14:38:52
It's a team game people.

17-12-2001, 14:44:14
Yeah. It's natural to want to score wonder goals though... isn't it?

17-12-2001, 14:45:10
I always score wonder goals so it's no big deal to me.

17-12-2001, 14:48:24
Someone saying "Oh my god, I wonder how a guy that fat actually managed to stand up let alone score" doesn't count as a wonder goal.

17-12-2001, 14:50:00
Yes it does! You try and get this fat and do that!