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16-09-2002, 10:13:23
So, after the big announcement about the MP3 of the week feature I've been bombarded with one suggestion! Yay!

I was going to start with one of my own but as only one person submitted anything I think they should be rewarded. It's certainly a bit different. A slice of Celtic rock complete with bagpipes. You can thank/blame zmama for this one.

Check it out here. (http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/1884/1884389.html) Don't forget you can PM me if you have any suggestions for future weeks.

16-09-2002, 13:58:26
If I just suggest a song will you go find it like a good little bitch?

16-09-2002, 13:59:21
I'd prefer a link but if you tell me what it is and who it's by I'll see if I can find it. Legally.

16-09-2002, 13:59:46
I clicked on that link, took one look at the photo, and closed the window. I don't care if they are the best band in the world, they won't be playing on this computer.

16-09-2002, 14:07:21
Oh go on, have you no sense of adventure?

16-09-2002, 18:58:11
If no-one suggests something I'll put in the one that Scabby just sent next week. And that's a threat!!!

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 14:05:34
I'm downloading it now.

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 14:45:26
I quite like this. A bit too Bryan Adams for comfort, but I quite enjoy the melody and the bagpipe provides a nice detail. Plus, ultimately, it's not as celtic as I'd feared it'd be. :)

Positives: Some interesting texture work

Negatives: Needs some major production revision to lose the feeling of Average Boring Rock

Verdict: Promising, but ultimately vacuous

23-09-2002, 15:05:01
:beer: Someone downloaded it.

Good comments as well. I thought there was enough celtic influence to remove it from 'average boring rock' though.

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 15:12:09
You're too easily amused. Adding a couple of interesting celtic layers to the production doesn't draw the attention away from the lack of innovation in all the others, although it certainly helps. I'd mute the guitar significantly, and possibly include some celtic flourishes on the bass part.

23-09-2002, 15:14:23
Mute the guitar?! :eek: You... you... you... there are no words. :cry:

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 15:19:13
Guitar parts are overrated. Especially chords.

23-09-2002, 15:20:52
That's like saying hot water is overrated in coffee.

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 15:23:40
I say the bass or something synthesised should carry the main harmonic function, the guitar easily gets stereotypical. Unless it's on like, a really weird setting or played really skillfully.

23-09-2002, 15:23:59
*adopts Snappy voice* but it is! don't you see! my theories will be proved one day! ONE DAY!!!!

23-09-2002, 15:26:08
Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
I say the bass or something synthesised should carry the main harmonic function, the guitar easily gets stereotypical. Unless it's on like, a really weird setting or played really skillfully.

When I get rich and famous, most importantly rich. The first thing I'm going to do after I start buying decent distortion effects and training people like Travis how to use them, is to start up therapy programs for people who can't find their inner rock. I'd like you to take part in some of the early sessions.

23-09-2002, 15:28:24
And there's nothing more pointless than silly guitar settings just for the sake of it.

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 15:33:57
Sure there is: making something that sounds like something that's been made before by someone else.

23-09-2002, 15:35:35
Let the music do the talking not some effects, add effects if it makes the song work better, not just to make the guitars sound different.

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 15:39:08
Let the interesting moments, the hooks and the good, multilayered production do the talking. If any of these can be enhanced by fucking about with the effects so that my brain doesn't switch off after five seconds so be it.

And review my game!!!

KG: Whaddya mean One Day? My theories are already proven. I porposed them, didn't I?

23-09-2002, 15:41:00
Good multilayered production. :vom: Make the guitars louder until you can't switch your brain off because it's been melted into slag.

I can't do it from here. I said I'd look at it at home. Send me your login details. :D

If they were proven they wouldn't be theories.

Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 15:47:32
Get rid of the guitars alltogether, or just make them go "chink, chink, chink". Forget all the chords you learned. Add cool, jerking funky beats, possibly using a silly vocal sample. Add backing vocal "ooh aaahs". Make the bass carry the melody, add some silly pointless vocals.

Fuck it, I'll just create a counteglow account.

Did I say theories? I meant Proclamations.

23-09-2002, 15:49:10
Oh fuck, you just described my idea of the worst band ever. One thing confused me though. "Chords you learned" Huh?

Nice plan. :D


Scabrous Birdseed
23-09-2002, 16:41:32
Well, I mean, you need to unlearn everything you know about music in order to follow the true path of righteousness. Om.

User name: Counterglow, Password: gaytwat (HARDMAN was already taken)

I, in my wisdom, proclaim the truth and it is so. Obviously.

23-09-2002, 17:24:51
Shouldn't take long to unlearn everything I know. :D