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17-12-2001, 12:31:08
Hi Guys
As you probably know, I've been banging on about how great SS2 is a lot recently, and indeed it is. If you liked Deus Ex, you'll feel right at home with SS2.
I'm doing very well in the game, it's rock hard but great fun and really gives you the creeps regularly. However, I've got to one point which is just a bit annoying, wondered if anybody else knows if I've done something a bit amiss.

I'm on the 6th level - having just got on the TRAM toward the ship's bridge. Got off the tram and killed the ninja assasin. Walked up to the blast doors and, while waiting for them to open (slowly!) I get an email message from Delacroix saying she's stuck up in Cargo Bay 2A and has some useful info for me. So, return all the way back down the tram, down the lift to the 5th floor, through the Crew Quarters to the main lift, back down to the Engineering Level, go ALL the way through to the Cargo Bay Areas and, guess what, no-one's there.

Is this email message from Delacroix a hoax? Is she meant to be there or not? Have I wasted 15 minutes going down there and hunting around for no-one? Does anybody care?

If anyone's got any help, I'd be grateful!


17-12-2001, 13:07:29
I was never sure that I'd found her either. My problem is that in the bit where you first visit the cargo bays I went through both and cleared it all out - I picked up quite a few logs that were there and all the gear. Hence when I got that and went back there I didnt find anything. I suspect delacroix was one of the many corpses up near the top of the bay where that large security bot is.

Dont worry about it though you can keep going and it wont make any difference. If you get manage to finish the game let me know. I'm stuck on what I've been told is the last level just before what looks like the last room...

17-12-2001, 13:10:45
Beta - thanks, that's exactly what happened to me too, when I first visited the Cargo bays I extensively cleared the whole area and there were many corpses and logs around (even some nanites that require use of the psi=pull skill to obtain, heh), so when I went back down there it was still all empty. Oh well, I just didn't like to think that I'd missed something important. Will press on...






17-12-2001, 18:58:33
I'm sure I found delacroix, but don't want to ruin things by saying more...

there is a cutscene of sorts involved IIRC.

it was also a complete bitch finding cargo bay "2A", but I honestly can't remember why.

You might try the SS2 forums on ttlg.com if they're still up. There are some real teenie wankers there, but lots of good information and people as well.

02-01-2002, 13:31:57
I've pressed on regardless, am now well advanced in the game from where I was before. Managing to pick up and research some truely disgusting Analid artifacts. One cool level which made me laugh is where you manage to "reverse the graviton generator" for one of the decks on the ship. When you then get to the next deck, everything is upside down. Excellent!

Running very low on ammo as too many Shamblers and (invisible)spiders around which need bullets to despatch so increasingly relying on my psi powers... Fingers crossed.

09-01-2002, 15:16:22
Oh have I just reached the most annoying part of the game or what?! All of a sudden this sci-fi horror creepy white-knuckle thriller shooter has turned in to Goon Raider. I have to climb up a pair of giant alien teeth, obviously avoiding being crushed inbetween them when they crash together periodically. Annoying!

Nearly at the end...

11-01-2002, 10:32:24
Yeah I hate that bit too, all those wierd fleshy passages going off at wierd angles really made me feel seasick. Have you fallen down the big hole and and had to fight through about 4 of those psychic projection monsters yet - I cant find the body bit to kill the off permentantly.

11-01-2002, 11:37:28
I have just reached the Big Plummet - before falling down I have been considering heading back because I've managed to collect another 40 cyber modules and I doubt there are any upgrade stations that far in to the Body of the Many. However if I do that it means going up those damn teeth again...

14-01-2002, 08:57:12
Aargh, the end of this game is just too bloody hard. :mad:

14-01-2002, 10:14:37
I dont think you can get back up the teeth (but am willing to be proved wrong)

The bit post plummet is (virtually) impossible, the number of monsters in that end bit is ridiculous

14-01-2002, 10:52:49
Cyborg Midwives :shoot:
Rumblers :shoot: :shoot:
Floaters :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:
Floater brains :bash:
Spiders :bash:

And that's before you even get near the bloody main nervous system. I just can't handle it. Plus the re-load time on SS2 is so long I've got time to make a cup of tea after each time I die, which isn't so good when I usually manage to stay alive for less than a minute each time now.


I'm considering cheating just to get to the end.

14-01-2002, 23:16:32
I had to use the PC of a friend, as mine was too slow with all the beasties in the last bit of the Many. I remember the sequence went load-move mouse-wait-view switches to ceiling-die. It’s bloody hard even if you can run it reasonably smoothly, though.

15-01-2002, 10:17:05
It is not too much of a chug-a-thon, the worst thing is the 1min+ loading times every time I die - the loading lasts longer than my actual game time at this point. Very frustrating. So annoying seeing as up to this point this has been one of the most exciting, nervy, difficult but fair games I've played in a long time. Now it's just a random monster death suicide mission. Hmm.

15-01-2002, 22:58:04
Well, it would have been tough to improve on the rest of the game, wouldn’t it?

What weapons are you using in this bit? Just out of interest.

The Mad Monk
16-01-2002, 06:40:19
If he's using anything other than the assault rifle, that could be the problem...;)

The solution to your problem may be found in this thread:

Hope it helps.

16-01-2002, 11:54:22
I have indeed got the Assault rifle, I have indeed gone behind the walls at the side, killed of the floater brains and anhiliated 10 or so CyberNursemaids , but I'm just overwhelmed by the quantity of Rumblers/Floaters left to be even able to start shooting the stars, plus health is difficult to maintain - keep using PSI health to boost it, but then of course can't actually fire the rifle when you've got the PSI Amp in hand...

The general strategy I'm following is the same as hinted, it's just bloody difficult! Unfairly so I would suggest based upon how the rest of the game had played out up until then.

16-01-2002, 21:21:26
I was so freaked out by the time I got to hydroponics, I had to stop playing the game for awhile. I never went back :eek:

That said, it was excellent.

Will it run on XP?:confused:

16-01-2002, 22:03:21
I can’t get it to wokr in XP :(. If anyone does, please post how.

The Mad Monk
18-01-2002, 05:42:21
Okay...do you have invisibility? Try invisibility...snipe the stars...invisibility...snipe the stars...etc., etc.

IIRC, this was the part of the game that got the most jeers from fans--either way too hard, or way to easy (I forget what combination leads to way too easy, sorry to say).

18-01-2002, 09:34:45
Unfortunately I have somewhat underdeveloped PSI skills, having only gone up to level 2 powers. My standard and heavy weapons skills are Maxed out, so I've been trying to use those weapons, but of course using the grenades just means you're liable to blowing yourself up!

I'll get there, it's just difficult :bash: