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Lazarus and the Gimp
13-09-2002, 17:19:21
Rather than just settle for a protracted bout of bitching, Snapcase and myself have decided on a duel instead. This concerns the greatest question in music- who's got the best taste as far as Big Star songs are concerned?

We need up to 4 volunteers to judge. You will receive a CD of Big Star songs, with no indication of who chose them.

You must be prepared to review all the songs on this forum and rate them out of 20.

Between myself and Snapcase, whoever's song choices are rated the lowest will officially become the other's bitch, and will reflect this fact in their title.

In order to be fair, I'd like to request that the only judges will be Big Star virgins, or (failing that) have only heard no more than two songs by them. Snapcase and myself will both have the ability to veto any volunteers if we feel they're unduly experienced. Or a bastard.

It's a tough job, but I feel you can do it.

13-09-2002, 17:30:58
Ill volunteer. I probably qualify.

13-09-2002, 17:48:43
This should be good to watch :D.

13-09-2002, 18:00:31

Provost Harrison
13-09-2002, 18:05:20
Coooo-ey! :D

13-09-2002, 18:38:00
I'll do it.

13-09-2002, 20:31:47
Sounds fun, I'll volunteer.

13-09-2002, 20:39:05
BIg stars in EUrope or Real life Big Stars from the US?

13-09-2002, 20:44:08
I think he must be talking about a band called "Big Star". Ive never heard of them, so they cant be big stars anywhere.:D

Scabrous Birdseed
13-09-2002, 21:58:39
Big Star never really made it big, not even as big as fellow Power-pop progenitors Badfinger and The Raspberries, mainly due to a complete disinterest in good pop during the bland first half of the seventies and a ramshackle distribution deal with venerable soul great Stax, whose marketing machine was in heavy decline and geared entirely towards R&B audiences. Nevertheless they were influential enough, and more importantly, fucking great.

13-09-2002, 22:18:32
I look forward to hearing them.:)

Lazarus and the Gimp
14-09-2002, 06:01:46
Applicants wishing to volunteer are politely asked to PM me the appropriate address. I could try just guessing, but it might delay things.

14-09-2002, 11:10:51
Wow, a battle of bad taste.

Talk about a counter-productive contest.

14-09-2002, 14:11:34
I'd do it, but I don't have a CD player.

Mr. Bas
14-09-2002, 14:47:39
And I don't have integrity and taste.

Alex Chilton
15-09-2002, 09:37:41
I'll be the most impatial judge you'll find

15-09-2002, 11:14:23
Big Stars? What are they? Do they explode?

If you need a sucker... I mean volunteer, send some beer along with the CDs.

Lazarus and the Gimp
15-09-2002, 17:05:07
Shit. Loads of foreigners. Now I hawk my arse for the postage.

15-09-2002, 19:21:31

I'll do it as well (and I'm local)

*End Is Forever*
15-09-2002, 19:35:31
Count me in!

Lazarus and the Gimp
15-09-2002, 19:43:39
No more takers, please!

*End Is Forever*
15-09-2002, 20:02:51
Well Johan can just hand me a CD in York so there's no need for postage or anything in my case...

Lazarus and the Gimp
16-09-2002, 18:47:55
PM your address you tart.