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Greg W
16-12-2001, 22:39:08
I finally grabbed myself a copy of D2 & LoD the other day and have been playing around a bit with singleplayer games. Tried BNet, but on a 56k connection from Aus it was a tad laggy to say the least. I did an experiment once playing a sorceror - fired off a bolt against a monster, then did nothing to see how long before it registered. About 2-3 seconds later the monster died. :bash:

So at that point I gave up on BNet and decided to play some SP. Got a Sorceress to level 18 or 19 (forget which), currently running around in Act II and have gotten the Horadric cube and staff shaft, next stop is the staff head. Anyways, I have close to 220k gold, and seemingly very little to spend it on. Equip is currently:
Rare Splinted mail - used the imbue from Act I for this
Rare chain gloves
Rare belt (12 slots for potions - 4 x 3)
Boots from one of the chain sets (+25 fire resist +20%(?) walk/run speed)
A + mana amulet and ring
A + 38% or so to find magic items ring
An orb (weapon) with + mana and some other stuff
A shield (the one that looks like it's from aliens) with a heap of stats incl + mana

Basically the only thing I would really think needs an upgrade (for the level I am at) is the ring with bonuses to find magic items, but I couldn't be arsed spending 50k a pop trying to get a better ring. As is I think I spent about 30k gambling on the belt (about 15 attempts), and don't know if I really want to try that again with anything else. I believe that trying to get sets via gambling is a lesson in frustration?

But then my question becomes, what the heck do I spend all that money on? :confused:

I am also currently keeping all my gems and skulls, upgrading them when I can with the cube to the next level up. Only question is how long should I keep them, upgrading them along the way? When should I just start using them? Currently I am taking the "I don't really need them now, I'll save them for later - like hell levels if I ever get there" attitude.

Other than that, just having fun playing around. Blew a few skill points on things I prolly shouldn't have, but you get that I suppose. Currently concentrating on Nova (lightening) and working towards Orb (ice), and hopefully eventually meteor or similar (fire). Where I blew a few points is early on on the glacial spike line - I just love freezing enemies - problem is I just got glacial spike and have wasted about 6 points on the two skills below that. :(

Also currently have an amazon from Act I as my sidekick - she has a bow which I blew 3 of the lowest quality red gems on - I freeze 'em, she knocks em down with about 20-40 damage. She's about level 13/14 or so.

Oh, have put enough into strength to get it to about 56 or so (enough to wear that splinted mail. Rest has gone into, er, the mana stat, and enough to get, er, the hp stat to 20, which gives me about 85 hps or so. Am thinking right now STR is fine, but need more HPs and mana? I have about 155 or so mana atm including items.

16-12-2001, 23:19:28
Some D2 sites you might want to check out:


www.lurkerlounge.com (closed, but forums are still up)


I will reply to your post in more detail tomorrow. Gonna get some sleep now. :sleep:

17-12-2001, 13:20:28
Quick reply here for you Greg... but you can never have enough money. Hold onto it if you need nothing right now, and when you get to the next Act, you will be happy you did.

I also never bothered with gambling. Seemed futile to me. I know little about your class character. I play a Barbarian. And I usually don't save too many gems or skulls and such. I sell em off. As they always seem plentiful to me in the next Act or so.

Have fun, and Shiny and MT are the resident D2 game gods.

17-12-2001, 13:54:10
Don't bother trying to gamble with the point of getting set items, it's all but impossible. But don't give up on gambling completely! I notice you didn't mention your helm in your gear description there, and at level 18 or 19 you should be able to start gambling circlets, which have better mods than ordinary helms.

Gems are most useful in either their chipped or perfect states (gems go from chipped-flawed-normal-flawless-perfect).
3 chipped gems and any magical sword transmuted together in the cube will give you a three socketed sword of the same type with random magical mods as well. Unfortunately, there aren't similar recipes for weapons other than swords, so that won't help you much with a Sorc.

For a Sorc, I find the three most useful perfect gem types are perfect skulls socketed into helms or armour to boost your mana recharge rate, perfect topazes socketed in helms or armour to boost your magic find rate, or perfect diamonds socketed in a shield for resistances. The rest aren't quite as useful in your gear, but still have uses in cube recipes. Three perfect gems with any magical item will reroll the mods for that item, giving you another shot at getting something decent. This is really useful with charms or jewels, which often drop pretty crap but have potential to be really nice. :)

Don't worry about wasting skill points, that's what your first character is for. :coolgrin:

As for your merc, since you are playing with a Sorc, I would recommend you get one of the town guards in act 2 (or keep your rogue and pick up one of the mercs in act five) simply because the game is much easier for a Sorc when you have a good tank to hide behind to cast your spells. You can tell me to go to hell if you think the rogue is too cute to give up, though. :D

56 STR should do you fine for a good while, concentrate on boosting health and mana for a while. Another tip - if it's possible, keep your HPs just slightly above your mana. The succubi (and Baal) in act 5 will cast a curse called Blood Mana on you if you have more mana than health. Blood Mana makes it so the mana cost of any spell you cast will be taken out of your health as well, which can be either simply annoying as all get out, or very dangerous, especially if you use Nova a lot.

17-12-2001, 14:20:36
Rachel's already said most of what I wanted to say. Some more points:

- higher char level usually means better imbue, so if you don't really need anything imbued right now you shouldn't use it too early, level 29 is good for weapons, for other stuff the higher your level is the better

- use your money for gambling, you probably won't get sets or uniques but there's a chance you might get some decent rares

- about gems and skulls ... as a sorc you shouldn't bother picking up every low quality gem you find, later in the game normal and flawless gems and skulls will begin to drop so you can save yourself the trouble of upgrading everything you find now

- about skill and stat points distribution ... I won't tell you how to build your char now, it's your first one and I guess you should just play around a bit, if you want to know how to efficiently build a char then you should read a guide, www.diabloii.net and www.lurkerlounge.com should have lots of them

- have fun :)

17-12-2001, 14:31:59
Told ya. Oh yeah, I forgot about Rachel being a Diablo Goddess as well. :D

17-12-2001, 21:40:22
Rachel and Mightytree know what they're talking about:). I'm hardly worthy to provide advice next to them...:)

Greg W
17-12-2001, 21:51:04
Thanks for the tips guys (I use that term in a non-gender specific manner Rachel). :)

Oh yeah, my helm is a full helm with I think 8% mana regen or something. Haven't seen any circlets, but then again I haven't even looked at the gambling person in Lut Gholein...

Played around a bit more last night, and even downloaded a Middle Earth mod (always been a huge ME fan and wanted to see what they could do with it) and played around with an Amazon for a while. Bought a 3 socketed long bow and whacked in a jewel that added 20 poison damage over 2 seconds. Other than named opponents, nothing survives more than one shot. :D

I was a bit disappointed with the mod though, I suppose I was expecting new character and monster models for some reason, that would have been way cool. Plus I had a bug whereby my inventory appeared larger but wasn't. Oh well. :(

I did a fair bit of reading yesterday, and it's amaxing how many different opinions there are out there about how to build a sorc. Some say use Nova, some say it's too high a mana cost. And about a bazillion different opinions on most other skills. Too many choices and opinions, argh. :confused:

Heh heh, in the end I think I'll just do what I feel like and play around a bit. Must admit to really liking the amazon though, so she might get a bit of a run too.

Already used my imbue so I can't save it till 29, oh well.

I did read somewhere that if you gamble every piece (I think they meant if you buy every piece from the gamble screen), one of them would be guaranteed to be a rare or a set item? Does that sound familiar? I dunno, only saw a brief mention of it, so I am really not sure how accurate it is. Mind you, I doubt that I could afford to try and buy out a full screen of items too many times. ;)

As for the merc, I like my Amazon too much, so go to hell. :coolgrin:

I freeze 'em, she whacks em down. The only real problem I have had so far (with non-boss mobs, and I haven't had too many probs with them really) is in one of the dungeons in Act II - I think where I got the cube. There were large-ish square rooms with these creatures with big animal heads that cast some weird spell that looked a bit like a shadowy shiruken. Only real reason I had a problem with them was the rooms were quite full, and their spells had a longer range than mine, and they could resurrect I think. Had a bit of a time there, ended up just rushing in, nova-ing them and sucking a few health potions. Worked, but I had a bit of a time before I tried that. :D

From the sounds of it, gems are pretty plentiful, so I may just lash out and use the ones I have now, knowing I'll get some good ones later on.

The Mad Monk
20-12-2001, 10:07:28
I think the uniques rumor is based on the days when there was a three percent chance to gamble a unique, and with the number of items on the screen, there was a good chance that something would be unique. The chance for rolling sets or uniques are now astronomically low, so it no longer holds.

The animal-headed guys are unravelers, and they can indeed resurect the undead; always try to hit them first. Occasionally it will be a boss/minion situation, and the boss unraveler will be able to restore the other unravelers (minion or not). In all cases, a shatter kill will make resurection impossible.

Greg W
24-12-2001, 00:54:03
Well, finished Act II the other night, man that Duriel was a bish. Took me about 4 deaths to waste her - didn't help I suppose that my main attack (cold based) seemed next to useless, and my secondary attack (nova) wasted way too much mana to be effective. I am beginning to see the benefits of having a good secondary attack skill that isn't Area Effect. :clueless:

Main problam of course was that I teleported in straight on top of her - that made it a real bish, on top of her knockback attack which tended to interrupt my spells a lot.

Also discovered at one stage that there is a maximum amount of gold that you can have. I had 100k in the bank, and 190k in hand, and I couldn't pick up any more gold. So I sort of had to go blow some on gambling (got a better bow for my bowazon hireling). But then of course my hoarde space increased a level or two later to 159k, and I blew a bit on deaths to Duriel. :rolleyes:

Level 21 or 22 now from memory, and have about the same hits as mana after doing the Golden Statue quest. Noticing now that if I want to start using tower shields however that I am going to have to get some more strength. Ah, decisions, decisions... :clueless:

The Mad Monk
24-12-2001, 11:46:47
Before you invest a lot in strength, think about what you're going to be using that strength for. If it's just to get a tower shield, remember that def dosen't count for much (especially as a sorcie, since you're not supposed to be in melee anyway), and blocking is now dex dependant. If there are specific uniques or rares that you're bulking up for, go for it, but remember, each point you spend elsewhere is one point less in mana.

My main uses for gold are:

1) Gambling
2) Hireling resurections
3) Buying stuff from merchants that other players have just sold (never underestimate the value of this--it's amazing what people will dump).

I try to keep at least 300K in stash, or half of what it can hold, whichever is lower.

Greg W
26-12-2001, 21:18:46
Well, I'm only playing single player, so I don't think 3) will be anything I have to worry about. :( Still have loads of cash with nothing to spend it on, so I am now targetting specific pieces for gambling upgrades.

About level 23/24 now, and have just cleared out Upper Kurast (I think - the second city area anyway), ready to head into the Bazaar from memory.

The Mad Monk
27-12-2001, 16:06:14
You might want to try the realms again--I haven't had problems I could could trace to my 450 MHz PIII / 56K modem, and the realms are infamous for periodic slowdowns that can make newcomers think they have really lousy connections.