View Full Version : "Fucked by Rock" and other music writing.

Lazarus and the Gimp
15-12-2001, 14:42:40
I'm currently reading "Fucked by Rock- the unspeakable confessions of Zodiac Mindwarp" and it's hilarious. I urge everyone to buy a copy for every room of the house.

This brings me on to the subject- great books on music. What are they?

Here are my picks.

"Fucked by Rock"- Mark Manning
"Head on"- Julian Cope
"England's dreaming"- Jon Savage
The Nick Drake biography by Patrick Stewart.

Vincent Fandango
15-12-2001, 21:03:54
Peter Occhiogrosso's/Frank Zappa's books about this furry guy ...

16-12-2001, 21:33:20
Powder by Kevin Sampson. Absolute genius.

17-12-2001, 10:27:34
Are you Ready for the Country? - Peter Doggett

A great insight into Old time music and Country turning into Rock n Roll, Country turning into 60's/70's Country Rock and 80's/90's New Country ending with 90's/2000 Alternative Country.

There is also a compilation album to accompany this, I have just noticed