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10-09-2002, 16:02:53
It's a good thing I have enough to keep me busy! If all I did was wait for you to post the next bit in the story, I'd go nuts! :D

But seems to me I have a few of your stories I have been meaning to read. Qaj recently created a new computer. We have windows 98 and windows xp on one computer and I am still sorting through the fall out to find out where I filed what and how to access it. :)

Will any of the excuses I gave Ninja Hamster work for me? :) :)

I did manage to sort of meet that writing goal. Got a short story out (something new and different for me) that is being seriously considered for publication. I will know in November.

Seems to me I can only juggle three things at a time and lately it has been 1) marriage 2) kids 3) mom board

#3 gets subbed with CG if I get stuck into writing or it gets subbed with my own writing. And with a move pending and all, I'm running out of hands to juggle. :)

11-09-2002, 05:18:18
Don't feel bad. Most people are doing well to maintain 2 things at the same time. ;)

I've been doing other things. Was I supposed to be writing? :D I'm still thinking over the next piece that feels 'more natural' to me for this places storyline. Not so used to just TELLING the audience how messed up a character is. Humm...

16-09-2002, 19:14:07
:lol Show don't tell. :lol

I love saying that to other writers!