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26-08-2002, 23:11:45
Any of you guys remember this game?
Well, I've found a couple of days ago, that there is a free server available. More info here (http://www.wbfree.net).
I have test-flown a couple of hours and so far found the speed and playing comfort excellent. Of course, this may be due for the server being and Russia :).
Apparently there was some dispute between them and iEn (formerly known a iMagic), the latter naturally not being very pleased. It seems however that everything is OK right now for the FreeHost guys. BTW, you might want to read their history of correspondence (http://www.wbfree.net/iencorrespondence.php) for a laugh :).
So, how about a CG squad :)?

08-09-2002, 13:22:35
Got my first 'kill' yesterday - I rammed into an enemy plane :). We were head-on actually - the other one obviously thought I'd be scared away and break turn. Fat chance :). I put more lead into him than he did into me 'though :D.
And today, the first proper kill - some guy flying a Ju-52 apparently thought the AA cover of his own airfield was enough to warrant his safety. Wrong. I was able to fly up from behind for about 20 sec, which was enough for me to get close enough, align the sights, and fire. That will teach him to watch his six :D!
Unfortunately, I was chased down by THREE Me-109s afterwards :eek:.
I'm currently flying an I-16 type 29. Ideal begginers plane - not suited for energy combat, but very maneuvarable and with decent firepower.
What about you, guys? Tried it out yet?