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24-08-2002, 18:56:27
After a year of playing Anarchy Online and beta testing Neocron for a month I needed to turn my MMORPG elsewhere. So I signed up to EaB beta testing program and to my surprise was accepted the next day. That was a week ago. After a short donwloading session and <----------long---------> patching session I was thrusted to the character creation stage...

Anyway can't be arsed writing an article or anything so I'll keep it short. This is basically Elite in space. You choose your race, class and then the customising of your character. I'm a Jenquai Explorer, a peaceful race intent on supplying traders with thee essential building components.

The basic roles of the game are explorer, defender, warrior and trader. The explorer goes to distant galxies, mines asteroids and sells the minerals to the traders. The traders then make weapons, engines, reactors, shields etc... and sell them to everyone. Also there are the standard vendors at space stations. The difference in this game though is that EVERY plaer made object is better than there NPC sold counterpart making socialising critical.

So far my role as an explorer has been facinating and rewarding. The feeling of going where no-one else will dare and playing cat and mouse games with mobs 100 levels above me to mine the best minerals is something I've neer experienced before in any MMORPG. I play with a real life friend who has chosen to be a Jenquai Warrior. This makes mining much more fruitful as we can travel to distant galaxies and mine tough asteroid belts while he defends me; we then share the profits.

I can't beleive this game is still in beta I've been playing all week and never had a crash, and only found minor bugs that don't effect gameplay. As opposed to Anarchy Online that still has at least one bug that erases all you character possesions and many, many problems with balance.

Anyway enough of me rambling this game has the potential to be the best MMORPG out there. And it doesn't tred on the toes of SWG in my opinion as they will be two totally different games.

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Gonna have some eye candy... :D

07-09-2002, 05:23:14
I'm pretty bored of the game now, not enough high level content :(

09-09-2002, 10:39:57
I signed up for the beta for this quite a while ago.. the server times were inconvenient and the third-person spaceship view put me off right-away... played it once and never went back.

(I did try again about a month ago, but the patching failed)

09-09-2002, 19:36:49
Look at the screenshots one is in first person, think there are about 12 fixed camera positions you can choose from, plus you can pan around.