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Liquid at home
11-12-2001, 04:27:25
Here it is... http://www.civ3.com/patch/Civ3v116f.exe

And here's what it does...

We've added an ini file setting, Refresh. To use, open the civilization3.ini and add 'Refresh=60'. You can try higher frequencies, but 60 is good starting location. If it can't set the frequency, it will default to what Windows believes it should be. If you are not having monitor or frequency problems, do not use this ini setting.

Players now receive a message when a wonder is made obsolete.

There is now a text prompt on using the production queue in the City Display screen.

Editor: Added Barbarian Combat Bonus to difficulty level tab.

Editor: Added Cost Factor to difficulty level tab.

Editor: Added AI unit support bonus to difficulty level tab.

Editor: Added AI bonus starting units to difficulty level tab.

Editor: Added AI max. govt. transition time to difficulty level tab.

Editor: Added corruption modifier to difficulty level tab.

Editor: Added a number of armies requirement for Improvements and Wonders.

Editor: Added a small wonder ability checkbox for "Requires a Victorious Army" for Improvements and Wonders.

Editor: On General Settings, added Border Factor which controls border expansion.

Editor: On General Settings, added Future Tech Cost.

Editor: On General Settings, added Min. Tech Turns.

Editor: On General Settings, added Max. Tech Turns.

Editor: On General Settings, added Golden Age Duration.

Editor: Added mission cost to Diplomats and Spies page.

Added "Color Blind Help" pref (gives the name of the civ in the city title box).

Added "Ask for Build Orders after Unit Construction" pref (asks for build orders after every unit construction in all cities).

Added "Always Start Building Previously Built Unit" pref (cities always start building the last built unit).

Added "Show Civil Disorder Pop-Up" pref (displays a pop-up whenever a city descends into civil disorder).

Added "Culturally Linked Starting Locations" (civs are placed on maps in close proximity to other civs of the same culture; please note that not using this pref can lead to sub-optimal arrangements of civ colors).

Added "Show Our Manual/Our Automatic/Enemy/Friend Moves" preferences.

Changes v1.16f:
The cost of building a Palace is now based on the number of cities in your civilization.

The Sun Icon on the Info Box represents the amount of global warming affecting the game. If the sun does not display, there is insufficient global warming to affect the terrain. Once the sun displays, the brighter it is, the greater the impact of global warming.

It's slightly easier to culturally acquire cities.

Forests planted on tundra always display as pine.

Irrigation sorts slightly differently.

Goody hut console popup display times increased.

Relationship lines are no longer displayed on the Foreign Advisor unless the player has contact with both civilizations.

Corruption effects have been reduced.

Cultural priority of AI has been reduced.

Submarine and Nuclear Submarine now have an offense value of 8.

Paratroops now have a range of 6.

Privateer now has an offense value of 2.

Corruption calculations for Communism are now flat for the number-of-cities factor.

Borders now draw over forest and jungle.

Shield bonus from clearing forest can only be received once per game.

Palaces and spaceship parts can only be built in one city at a time.

Improved City Governor Performance.

The maximum number of cities permitted in a game is 512, increased from 256.

Added information about healing units to Barracks civilopedia entry.

Clarified that railroads increase output of mines and irrigation in civilopedia entry.

Added hyperlink to Ocean in Caravel civilopedia entry.

The maximum number of turns it can take to research an advance has been increased from 32 to 40.

Editor: Removed unused Description field from Improvements and Wonders.

Police Stations now reduce corruption in the city they are built in.

Editor: On General Settings, renamed Border Expansion Multiplier to Lvl. Multiplier.

Fixes v1.16f:
Fixed scroll problem on some Nvidia graphics cards.

Invalid link in Build Colony Civilopedia entry fixed.

Cropped French Civilopedia entry fixed.

Typo in German Civilopedia entry fixed.

Typo in Japanese Civilopedia entry fixed.

Typo in Indian Civilopedia entry fixed.

The correct city now highlights on the Domestic and Cultural advisor screens when scroll bar displays.

Precision Bombing now works as intended.

Sorting columns on the Domestic advisor screen now stay sorted.

Traded advances that cause an era transition, now allows the player to select the advance to research in the new era.

The five states an AI can be in on the Diplomacy screen, can now be seen on the mouse over advisor messages on the Foreign advisor.

The problem of not being able to build 'Wealth' in some cities has been fixed.

Messages about resources discovered that the player doesn't have the advance to use no longer display.

Incorrect popup concerning placing new embassies with civilizations you're at war with no longer displays.

Occasional instances of selected units not stay centered fixed.

Synthetic Fibers now has the correct prerequisite advance, Ecology.

The Great Lighthouse no longer permits Galleys to travel on Ocean tiles.

The AI no longer reacts to submarines that it cannot see.

Multi-cultural cities no longer occasionally produce barbarian settlers or workers.

Minimap now updates when interface is hidden.

Units no longer occasionally disappear at the poles.

'Combo' boxes now are set to the maximum size needed.

Long advance names no longer overrun the Info Box when in Golden Age.

Correct cities highlight on Domestic and Cultural advisor when a scroll bar displays.

There is no longer a punctuation error in disembark popup.

There is no longer a spacing error on the right-click flyout for upgrading units.

Bubble-text on the replay screen now correctly clears itself.

The last line in the Event View of the replay screen is now fully visible.

You can now see a cities population on the City Title bar regardless of team color or state.

The correct plural and singular forms of civilization names are now used on the Wonder screen.

Selecting a 'grayed out' option in the Diplomacy screen no longer clears the Foreign Advisor's advice.

Correctly small graphic corruption on Domestic Advisor popups.

Right-Click flyout menus no longer display if you use a function key to open an advisor screen.

The spaceship components in the Civilopedia now correctly link to the Victory Conditions entry.

You can no longer unload air units from a carrier. You need to execute a rebase mission.

You can no longer demand very large amounts of gold in diplomacy.

There is correct punctuation at the end of the defeat popup.

Modified advance trees now load correctly.

Fixed AI exploit with regards to giving cities away in diplomacy.

Air superiority missions work as intended.

Quick Start will now use the number of civs selected in the previously generated game.

Retiring from a Conquest only game no longer is recorded as a victory.

Fixed AI problem with resources on custom maps.

Team color on horseman unit correctly displays.

French Musketeer fortify animation now plays.

Governors no longer build privateers when set to build no units.

Fixed AI bug allowing the user to infinitely postpone invasions by shuffling units around.

Hall of Fame screen now correctly lists the difficulty levels.

Games that don't save due to low hard drive space now displays an error message.

A save corruption problem was fixed.

The helicopter civilopedia entry now correctly states it can only transport one unit.

Corrected punctuation error in Jet Fighter civilopedia entry.

Corrected punctuation error in Longbowman civilopedia entry.

Corrected Marine strategic resource requirements in civilopedia entry.

Corrected Modern Armor strategic resource requirements in civilopedia entry.

Correct punctuation problem in Tactical Nuke civilopedia entry.

Fixed fatal related to tiles on the edge of the map.

Once the UN is completed, you are no longer prompted to vote every turn.

Fixed punctuation error on New Era popup.

Fixed typo in diplomacy demands.

You no longer declare war by accidentally passing over a hidden submarine.

Fixed infinite loop with automation.

Glad to see they're turning down the corruption penalties... I'm off of build another mamoth Empire !

11-12-2001, 09:28:57
I've got to get a new crack now :)

Resource Consumer
11-12-2001, 10:01:47
No infinite range scooters?

C.G.B. Spender
11-12-2001, 10:32:19
Not at Firaxis

Resource Consumer
11-12-2001, 10:50:12
Would have been an improvement

C.G.B. Spender
11-12-2001, 10:52:01
But no wonder

11-12-2001, 13:13:59
That's a long list.

12-12-2001, 11:29:44
Too long to actually read it, uh? ;)

12-12-2001, 13:44:08
Anyone got the crack for Civ3 1.16F?

I can find 1.07 and 1.00 but not 1.16.

I've tried megagames and gamecopyworld

Resource Consumer
12-12-2001, 13:54:41
Not me. Why not just use the unpatcheed version?

12-12-2001, 14:09:05
What do you mean? That the patch isn't worth the trouble? ;)

Resource Consumer
12-12-2001, 14:42:41
Doesn't look worth the time to download to me.

12-12-2001, 14:53:55
If one of my customers told me my work isn't worth the time to download it I wouldn't be pleased! ;)

Resource Consumer
12-12-2001, 15:04:08
I am sure yours is worth downloading. I just have not found any of those things as irritating as the gratuitous need to click twice when something is non-critical and no safeguard when it is (that diplomacy screen sucks).

I also hate those stupid pictures of the leaders. I'd much rather have those sexy heralds from CivII back (although Joan d'Arc doesn't look too bad)

12-12-2001, 16:12:36
Originally posted by Fistandantilus
Too long to actually read it, uh? ;)

Way too long to read it.

13-12-2001, 04:26:49
Yup. Celtic, Viking, and Zulu opponents were my usual in that game:).

Resource Consumer
13-12-2001, 10:05:04
I bet nobody actually played as those civs:)

13-12-2001, 10:24:02
I normally played as the Zulus. :D

13-12-2001, 23:44:20
I often played as the Vikings or Celts. I liked the city names:).

14-12-2001, 02:48:00
Civ 3 is so bad in its current format I can't play it. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

17-12-2001, 21:54:54
In Civ2? I played the Celts all the time...

Oh, wait. I'm female.

anyone else want to weigh in on whether or not the ptach makes the game sufficiently playable as to be worth buying yet?

18-12-2001, 01:21:00
I wouldn't spend a dime on it. The patch did little to improve the game and introduced still more bugs.

Just my opinion.

Resource Consumer
18-12-2001, 13:08:16
Anyone want to buy my copy.

I think the problem is more fundamental - the format is just stale.

18-12-2001, 13:09:26
I agree. Civ 2 was the peak. Good enough graphics and good gameplay. Unfortunately Civ 2 won't install on my new computer.

Vincent Fandango
18-12-2001, 13:10:07
Try ToT, it's almost exactly the same game

18-12-2001, 13:11:58
Perhaps I will.

18-12-2001, 16:15:09
Well, week one of my newly patched Civ3 has passed by without any particularly angerfying moments. I'm happy with the game, personally i don't see what all the complaints are about- descent game, i haven't noticed all these legions of painful bugs yet- so long as air-supremacy and communist corruption rate works now, as well as the other corrections and additions that i remember approving-of- but cannot now recall.

Satisfyingly deep, diplomacy is more satisfying then in any other game of the type i've played (specially since i discovered the "Active" button for re-negotiations) the faces don't bother me- at first i pointed and laughed but i like the way their expressions give you the lowdown on the bloody-foreigners- er... i mean other players attitude towards me, beyond that >shrugs< they're just mugshots. Stack movement (or lack there-of) doesn't actually bother me either, Civ2 did'nt have stack movement- i liked CtP (not as much as Civ3, anyway it got boring) but it has'nt spoilt my tastes.

I'd still like air-bases and and more political systems but there are plenty of mods around now, and considereng the amount of time i find myself contemplating delicious strategems and speculations is proof of the titles worthyness as a stratergy game, if SMAC at Librarian level gets 3 out of 5 for those rubbing my hands together and saying "excellent" moments, Civ3 gets a 5 (specially since i've started creating my own scenario's, my style is small groups of small continents on huge maps with challengingly placed resources, titles include things like "The Three Eldorados" and "Kingmaker"

So far i'm playing monarch level, it annoys me when a strat-games harder levels just have the AI say NO to everything and anything you suggest and play Lets-all-gang-up-on-the-human together so i don't know how i'll feel about the next difficulty levels, but i do anticipate reasonable increments in difficulty judging by the feel of the game thus far.

I have to say i woul'dnt want to be a games designer now (previously i'd love to have been an "imagineer") but some communities just love to hate i guess, so i have to say i find the level of negativity against the game distasteful, some people just post "I Hate this game it sucks i played it for five minutes and am still reeling from the loss of time i will never have again, i have thrown it in the bin and will never play it again becous it makes me puke". Its that kind of attitude that actually annoys me to be honest, i can tell alot of hard work and dedication went into this very carefully crafted fun-problem-generator of an infogramme, and to hear this kind of depressant bullshit from people who seem to just like to dump on things really fucking winds me up just to think about it:mad:

I reckon its the jealousy of the intelligent, intellectual acommplishment envy if you will- that bothers some who wished it was their baby out there nailed to forum pages for the worlds strat-nurds (like myself) to spit on in disdain (not like myself)

What exact sodding game is your average "shoot-it-downer" waiting for then- and when it comes out will the said shoot-it-downers piss all over that game too?

Resource Consumer
18-12-2001, 17:02:18

I am sorry that I can not be as verbose but I stand by my simple statement. I do not think the game is bad, it just does not inspire me.

No, I didn't feel the game was a bugfest - that was why I was not prepared to spend the time to download the patch. I was really not too aware of these supposed problems.

The form of the game to me is just stale. I should have known it when I bought it, but I'm just an optimist.

Optimists will be punished - the 11th commandment.

18-12-2001, 17:14:57
I think it sounds pretty good for what it is. The guy at work here who has it (I caught him surfing Apolyton Civ III boards he he) loves it but he freely admits that it's not as exciting as Civ was the first time. Still if you haven't had your fill of the genre fair play to you. I knew I wouldn't get any play out of it if I bought it 'cause AC taught me I was bored with TBS so I never even considered getting it.

19-12-2001, 14:15:59
Well then let that be a lesson to you all, it is important to be in touch with your boredom like MikeH, that way you won't find yourself putting a downer all over somebody elses good times.

I eagerly await Republic:RT (whenever it comes out) and if people start auto-dumping on that game too i will become royally pissed. you need not respect that but you have been warned.:shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :bash: :hmm: :sleep:

Resource Consumer
19-12-2001, 14:35:08
Me too. But remember the 11th commandment.

19-12-2001, 14:43:17
Thou Shalt Rock?

19-12-2001, 14:45:18
Ahhh * i say slipping into very-old-oriental-gentleman mode *

The trick is to feel niether optimism nor pessimism, just accept the game for what it is, patches and all, for all things are one, and one is in all things, thus the circle becomes complete.

go now in peace my son, none the wiser.

22-12-2001, 08:25:36

I feel FREE to dump on the game. I know I can make BETTER games. Although not as graphically pleasing. (For proof, I have made better games in the past. And not being a game god, I should be able to do so again, if I took the time. ;))

Now, that said...

Civ3 is going to get dumped on. Lots. First off, a good number of fans are going to have VERY high expectations. Civ3 won't meet those. Nothing really cutting edge in it.

Second, there is really nothing significantly NEW in it. Without newness, people will find that it doesn't have that 'magic' to it that the FIRST Civ they played had to it. Some things are rearranged, but for that TBS Conqueror, there really isn't anything 'That's so totally fun and amazing!' to it. The FIRST decent game of the type is ALWAYS the best.

Third, Civ3 isn't very challenging. Not much thought required to play it. You don't really have that many options. SMAC is a much more thought provoking game for me, as there are always so many MORE approaches I can take. Compared to SMAC's DESIGN, Civ3 is just a boring tic tac toe or checkers game. Of course, SMAC's implementation ended up sucking (All those bugs, seperate code paths so you can't do something using THIS command, but you can do it using THAT command, etc). If SMAC had the QUALITY put into it that Civ3 had (They recoded 95 to 99% of Civ3 according to the developers), everyone that were TBS fans and didn't outright HATE SF would think it a true masterpiece.

I range back and forth a bit about Civ3. Overall, I think it's OK. In line with CtP1/2. But that spell binding factor of the game just isn't in this one. The balance isn't fine tuned. So, for MY taste, the lack of creative range of options and the fact that they 'dumbed down' and 'simplified' the game a bit would only get this game 2 star out of 5 from me on it's best day, and 1 star out of 5 on it's worst.

It IS easy to bang on Firaxis. They promised the greatest game ever in the series. That's a high target. And MAYBE with the exception of you, I haven't heard anyone who actually thought they reached it. So they are just BEGGING for their CUSTOMERS to bang on them about not meeting what was advertised nor what was promised. Firaxis is probably thankful that all those disappointed customers haven't demanded their money back, and that the warez sites are being shut down... because the guys trying out the 'demos' aren't impressed enough to BUY a copy...

03-01-2002, 15:27:34
blah blah, read the first coupla words then got bored. However i trust your critisisms are constructive and feel no need to challenge your right to free spout.

and that goes for the rest of you too, ya damn communists you.:sleep: :clueless: :beer: :shoot: :gotit: :hmm: :gasmaske: :)

04-01-2002, 07:13:18

Touche, Qweeg. :smoke:

04-01-2002, 15:31:04
Okay having actually read your post Darkstar- and finding myself reminded that your not one of them apolytypicals- i find your points reasonable after all. I don't think its the BEST game ever or something, just that its fun to play, i can think of a couple of improvements myself (torpedo bombers that could sink a ship- with maybe an attack value of about 3 or something so you need a few of em per enemy carrier would be a start, and civil war has not meen modelled at all in this game, oh how i miss those Partisan scum, how they'd block roads and sabotage the rail networks, undermining national security and being backed by foreign interests etc, sigh) its just that i got pissed off that time coz i felt people were dumping on the game without even saying how it could have been better- all of which made me feel depressed about the money i falked out for it and the fun i believed i was having. Its like trying to enjoy a hotdog while somebody goes on in intimate detail about how exactly hotdogs are made.

I hope i have not offended any of you dumpers out there, these days i seem to be more combustable then before. Just back the feck off Civ3 or you'll find my brass knuckles in yor face you baya-stids yooo!!!

damn.... there i go agin;)

04-01-2002, 17:21:28
Its like trying to enjoy a hotdog while somebody goes on in intimate detail about how exactly hotdogs are made.

You nailed it!:lol: