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13-08-2002, 18:56:13
Have you gotten Neverwinter Nights out of your system? Interplay hopes so. After a couple of false alarms, Icewind Dale II has finally gone gold. I really mean it this time!

For more information, visit the official Black Isle Studios website for Icewind Dale II here. (http://icewind2.blackisle.com)

13-08-2002, 22:02:18
Oh no, not more money we have to spend... :eek:

14-08-2002, 08:17:10
It's be very bizarre playing the with the infinity engine again...

14-08-2002, 16:35:05
Originally posted by LadyRachel
Oh no, not more money we have to spend... :eek:

Look at it this way: The price is very small compared to the price of a wedding:cute:

03-09-2002, 19:07:10
I have it. :love:

If you preordered the collector's edition- it don't ship till today sucka!!!!:p

Played Prologue - I have a deep gnome illusionist - he's got a crippling experience penalty (add three levels - so to get to level 2 he needs 5k XP), but I got 'im. One of the dwarves in town even asked him if he was really what he appeared to be. Nice touch - also, there was a sword in the tradehouse with my paladin's name on it- called Heart of "X", X being your lead fighter's name, I'd guess.

I've only got to second level, but it seems to be a decent blend/adaptation of the AD&D rules, plus the dialogue is good. I tended to go through as much of the conversation tree as I could, just because it was interesting.

03-09-2002, 21:34:23
I didn't play BG/BG 2/ID, but I played both NWN and MW. How does ID2 compare in terms of interface? Does it feel akward after NWN?

04-09-2002, 15:57:40
it feels awkward even compared to BG/BG2 at first, they've altered the interface just enough to confuse me a little. Picked it back up quickly enough. Both SP games are pausable, so no difference there.

I like this interface better than NWN. The radial menus were a nice idea, but they currently don't do it for me. Things like Summoning I don't seem to work directly from the radial menu and must be mapped to the quickbar. It would be nice if I could do both. A big drawback/limitation of the BG games for me is the locked overhead view (last gasp for the old BG/Infinity engine). You have much more control over the views in NWN, particularly if you got the hack that unlocks the camera. Much more immersive that way. So is the fact that in SP you have one primary character instead of a party(also arguably more immersive). Parties like in the BG series can be more fun, since you get to try out a bunch of classes at once, though. Its a tough comparison.

Dialog and story so far in IWD2 seems to be much more refined and deep. They have the advantage of being able to bring in bits of story, and even characters from the previous games in the series, though. The airship crashing gnome from IWD returns, for example.

Summary: Both good games. NWN more immersive and "pretty" due to movable camera and single character design. IWD2 immersion comes from familiarity with the previous games and a better story.
IWD2 interface easier currently, but they've had many game releases to refine it; NWN interface could be better with some tweaks.

Its all opinion, though.

04-09-2002, 16:35:02
Originally posted by MDA

Its all opinion, though.

Hey, what isn't? Thanks for the info anyway. Since I love the NWN camera angles I think I'll stick with NWN mods fot the time being.

No longer Trippin
05-09-2002, 01:17:04
They got the radail menu from Planescape: Torment I'm assuming. That was the best of the infinity engine games around in my opinion.

05-09-2002, 02:33:17
The NWN interface is utter crap.

I hate radial menus.

20-09-2002, 10:02:03

Can you say any more about the game, pretty please? :cute:

20-09-2002, 10:26:28

20-09-2002, 10:26:59
I second that.

Specifically, did you play up to the second chapter and get throuough bored and quit? And how good is their implimentation of the 3E ruleses?

20-09-2002, 14:12:06
Shining, shouldn't you be finishing that review of NWN? :)

I took my first "I have free time but I'm not playing IWDII tonight" break last night. I'm guessing I'm about halfway through the game - just finishing the underdark passage.

the story is very good this time, and there's a lot of challenging battles.

A few discouraging things I've discovered or at least suspect about the game.

They forgot to add in the magical medium and heavy armor *drops*, stores do sell some(confirmed, to be patched).

Monks that multiclass lose their extra hand-to-hand attacks(so says the character sheet).

Improved invisibility is definitely broken, which could be good(cheater!) if the AI wouldn't use it. You can't target anyone with improved invisibility, instead of just getting a hit penalty.

Mirror image is broken as per BG1 (?) - area of effect does no damage to mirror imaged creatures/characters(95% certain)

Spell resistance and saving throws seem to be all f*cked up. I can't even begin to sort it out, but I've seen lots of complaints about the same thing on the BIS forums.

I've haven't played since the ruleset with the giant efreet on the cover of the DM's guide was out (1st edition, I think), so I'm really not the one to ask about 3E - but in comparison to NWN

No knockdown, or disarm. Major bummer. Dual wield is in. Bastard swords are the only *exotic* weapon proficiency.

they do have diplomacy, bluff, and intimidate skills. Alchemy is in, and actually usable(at one point *forspecial*, and for id of potions) and separate from arcane lore.

The prologue was great - I got a lot of unique dialog responses based on what character class or race was doing the talking. I've seen much less of that in later chapters, and a lot more epic battles. The hook horrors and driders were fun just because they attack in such huge numbers - the second white dragon/2 white wyrm combination I fought in one game hour was memorable because my cleric and the cold bones she summoned were the only ones to survive the battle.

I would guess that the age of the engine, combined with their familiarity with building in it, both forced and permitted Black Isle to concentrate on the story arc to make the game better.

I have a party of six about halfway through the game and a solo sorcerer around chapter three. Playing solo is a bit ridiculous, the challenge ends in chapter one, since all the experience gets dumped on one character. It does allow you to more easily use those cool area of effect spells that center on the caster (sunfire).

The specialist races are pretty neat - aasimar, deep gnomes, duergar, strongheart halflings, drow. Yes, I did say drow.

some of them have pretty cool special abilities, but take an experience penalty - they have an "effective character level" which means their experience to gain a level is calculated as their actual level plus one or two, depending on the race.

I'm deliberately slowing down my progress in the hopes that a patch fixes some of this, particularly monk attacks.

21-09-2002, 02:27:24
Thanks MDA, that's great:).

(P.S: Yes, I am.)

24-09-2002, 03:56:10
MDA... the general bulk of experience with patches and RPGs say you should try to finish the game or just not play... patches tend to BREAK the save games, and force you to start over. One reason I started waiting for all RPGs to hit the bargain bin or a birthday before I play them, these days.

27-09-2002, 19:22:59
I've never had that happen.

28-09-2002, 02:04:19
What's the map look like? Is it a nice map like the one that came with Icewind Dale, or is an utterly shit map like the one that came with NWN?

28-09-2002, 02:25:28
Is there any nonsense with CDkeys and the like as well?

30-09-2002, 22:12:28
Map? It's utter shit, it really has little to do with the game and it's on about 8 1/2 by 14 inches paper(legal pad size) - don't remember any CD key stuff. Anyway, you only have to enter that stuff once.