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The Mad Monk
11-08-2002, 10:00:26
Check the news items on the front page at diabloii.net:

Blizzard For Sale? - Flux [1:47:PST]

A news item on Yahoo states that Vivendi Universal is considering selling off various portions of their holdings, including their video gaming properties. These include Sierra, Universal Interactive, and of course Blizzard. Vivendi is apparently looking to package all three studios together for a sale. There's no word of a potential price, but the article states they combine for more than $600m in annual revenue, so it wouldn't be cheap. Still, it's one way to guarantee yourself a spot in the Bliz betas. Thanks to SleepyBear for the news tip.

Update: Another article has appeared on this subject with a few more details on the games division. Thanks to Balin76 and Oren.