View Full Version : What would your "throw-out" list consist of?

Scabrous Birdseed
08-08-2002, 17:26:31
Saw this link today: http://www.jaguaro.org/feature/03-09-02_wesk.shtml

Although I completely disagree with many of his entries* and find most of the rest painfully obvious (though there is apt stuff in there, like the overprevalence of "Legend"), I found the idea quite appealing. Here's three of mine:

Pixies - Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim

Yes, it's only 4.99. And yes, it did kickstart the people in Seattle who made guitar music slightly interesting for a very short while before it all went shit again. But come on, how can a band which has aged this badly be considered great? This is a pianfully eighties album and you know it.

The Specials - The Specials

Wowee, brand new sound... unless you've got the least sense of musical history, in which case you'd dismiss this as pure and unadultered plagiarism. The sound is a near-exact pastiche of early reggae c:a 1968, with (even beside the very duff covers) melodies stolen right off classic hits. Get something like The Trojan Jamaican Hits Box Set instead. Please.

Blur - Parklife

How can something as innofensively cheery as this be considered great? Wow, I'm a cheeky chappy. And yes, "Girls & Boys" is the supremely most annoying track ever.

*For the record: Hunky Dory, Nevermind, Transformer, White Blood Cells, Arthur, From Elvis in Memphis and The Best of The Doors, plus his judgement of Captain Beefheart based on hearing one album.

Lazarus and the Gimp
08-08-2002, 19:48:55
You bitch. Those Pixies albums are still great, as are The Specials. No-one ever claimed they were original, but they were fantastic.

Parklife, on the other hand, is rank.

Lazarus and the Gimp
08-08-2002, 19:49:21
They've got "Hunky Dory" on the list! They are insane!

Lazarus and the Gimp
08-08-2002, 19:50:16
And "Daydream Nation"!

Lazarus and the Gimp
08-08-2002, 19:51:39
Jesus Buggering Monkey-fuck Mary Christ! "Zen Arcade" is on it! The author must die by my hand!

Lazarus and the Gimp
08-08-2002, 19:53:21
That link was brought to yopu courtest of "When twats learn to type".

08-08-2002, 20:04:09
Kool Keith - Black Elvis
When such gems as the Ultramagnetic MCs albums, Octagon, and Sex Style came out, legions of kiddies were prepared to become Kool Keith completists. Unfortunately, this album marks the point when Kool Keith's ideas finally ran dry. Every release since has been unspeakably bland and/or offputtingly personal (ten songs about how shitty the record industry is, anyone?). It's a shame.

Spot on!

08-08-2002, 20:04:30
a lot of the rest is total bollocks though I agree.

09-08-2002, 12:48:31
Parklife is shit because it's cheery?

Only the singles from parklife are the 'cheery' ones - the album as a whole is a great snapshot of a time and a feeling in this country. I absolutely love 'this is a low' and 'end of a century'.

'Girls and boys' is one of my favourite blur tracks. Just like Underworld's born slippy it's a track which was adopted as an anthem by the very group it parodied. That doesn't mean it isn't still a great energetic feel good song.

I actually find the 'parklife' song itself to to be very annoying though.

09-08-2002, 12:49:53
You guys are getting old. Get rid of your sentimental teenage stuff

09-08-2002, 12:50:03
End of a Century is probably my favourite Blur song.

Scabrous Birdseed
09-08-2002, 15:20:44
I like "Song 2" myself. Almost Garage Rock, that. :D

09-08-2002, 15:32:43
It's too overpaid, one of those songs I've heard so many times I want to destroy it but not really good enough to trancend that overplayedness and be a classic.

For me anyway.

Lazarus and the Gimp
09-08-2002, 18:27:10
I hate Blur. They've only done a couple I've liked- the really miserable ones.

Lazarus and the Gimp
09-08-2002, 18:28:53
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
Parklife is shit because it's cheery?

No. It's shit because it's tawdry old toss whined out by the most slappable man in music.

Lazarus and the Gimp
09-08-2002, 18:32:08
I saw Blur live on the "Rollercoaster" tour in 1992. They were sandwiched between My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain on the bill. I've never seen a band so horribly out of their depth as these snotty little poppers crushed between two genuine behemoths.

MBV did a 15 minute meltdown version of "You made me realise" which played the "Holocaust" section at full blast for 10 minutes. Half the audience were so deafened they coiuldn't hear the first half of Blur's set.

Scabrous Birdseed
09-08-2002, 21:43:01
I hate blur. They've only done a couple I really like- The rocky, non-ironic ones.

10-08-2002, 00:34:34
Though I don't like Blur, I think that concert might have turned me into a big fan ... comparatively speaking.

And they have Kollaps on the list. OK, it's unlistenable noise, but that's what's great about it. Not all the time, but sometimes.

10-08-2002, 20:12:19
I'd throw out your username Snappy!

11-08-2002, 16:13:18
Can't stand Parklife, Country House or Girls 'n' Boys. There's No Other Way and Sunday Sunday are damned annoying too.

They have a lot of good non-singles songs though.

Given the choice between listening to Oasis or Blur, I would choose Blur.

Provost Harrison
22-08-2002, 23:51:39
I haven't listened to Blur for a long time actually, I used to listen to Parklife quite a lot...good album, not my greatest of all time by any stretch.

As for albums I would kick out, hmm, lemme see - Suede - Dog Man Star. I never could stand that album. It was awful compared to their debut. Very controversial, but that is my opinion. Also Muse - Showbiz. First two tracks were brilliant (Sunburn, Muscle Museum). The rest? Utter dross.

Provost Harrison
23-08-2002, 00:13:50
After reading that list, it makes you think: does this bloke actually like any music?

And yes, Snapcase reminded me that my Travis and Coldplay albums would have to go. Actually I wasn't going to mention I had those, it's quite embarrassing :o

*End Is Forever*
23-08-2002, 00:59:05
To be honest I'm not sure I've got anything I'm acutely embarassed by, but then I always did err on the side of caution with regard to record-buying.

I will however mention that Spink has the Sash! single Ecuador stashed somewhere in his collection... :lol:

Provost Harrison
23-08-2002, 19:49:20
Now I never noticed that before Iain ;)

He has an album by Eternal in there as well. That is truly embarrassing :D

24-08-2002, 21:34:12
Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
This is a pianfully eighties album and you know it.

Do you generally sort out music you like/dislike by applying criteria like these? I mean, it may be eighties, but is that a reason to dislike it if it's good?

Scabrous Birdseed
24-08-2002, 21:42:26
I just can't stand the way eighties music is arranged and mixed, it's all so muddy and mushy, lots of non-essential unoriginal layers of crap.

Scabrous Birdseed
24-08-2002, 21:45:22
Good eighties album produced around the same time: "Songs about Fucking" by Big Black. It sound much fresher and more universial than anything off Surfer Rosa, and it's produced by the same guy so that can't be it.

Lazarus and the Gimp
25-08-2002, 09:24:26
It was BB's worst album. "Atomiser" pissed all over it.

*End Is Forever*
27-08-2002, 21:44:12
And yes, Snapcase reminded me that my Travis and Coldplay albums would have to go. Actually I wasn't going to mention I had those, it's quite embarrassing

Yes... and worse than that, not one but two Sleeper albums... :lol:

Provost Harrison
27-08-2002, 23:12:58
Actually Iain, you miscounted. There are three :vom:

28-08-2002, 20:14:00
Originally posted by Provost Harrison
Actually Iain, you miscounted. There are three :vom:

I didn't even know there were three Sleeper albums.

*Debaser leaves to hunt down third*

Provost Harrison
28-08-2002, 22:54:28
There are a total of three. Hunt little monkey, hunt ;)

29-08-2002, 18:29:52
Are they the band that sung "Sale of the Century"?

I liked that song.

Provost Harrison
29-08-2002, 23:57:39
Yes, that's the band!

30-08-2002, 18:05:57
There was a point in time when I thought the woman singer was attractive.

Grew out of that fortunately.

Lazarus and the Gimp
30-08-2002, 19:23:41
She's a novelist now.

30-08-2002, 20:20:51
Any good ones?

Not that I'm actually going to read them anyway.

Provost Harrison
30-08-2002, 20:56:11
A novelist? Hehe...