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08-08-2002, 09:53:15
Here. (http://www.battle.net/index.shtml)

I don't think they will ever be able to prevent map hacking entirely (unless they change the way the current system works and put the player LOS computation on the server side) but now they are officially threatening to ban the cheaters' CD keys. Not bad.

08-08-2002, 10:59:31
God, how I hate all that cheating. In fact I stopped online gaming before I really started because of

a) All these cheating idiots
b) All these 1337 wankers

08-08-2002, 13:04:57
A server side RTS? Good idea, at least when bandwidth and latency improve to the point that such a thing is possible.

Seems they've done okay with Diablo2 and banning cheats there, it was a very popular move with the community. If they can really do something about maphacks in War3, they will do very well for themselves.

The Mad Monk
08-08-2002, 14:20:08
Originally posted by Shining1
Seems they've done okay with Diablo2 and banning cheats there, it was a very popular move with the community.

When was the last time you played on the realms?


08-08-2002, 17:34:33
I'm not suggesting to make a true server side RTS, it's just the fog of war thing that creates problems. Other hacks (tampering with unit stats, changing amounts of gold/wood, ...) are not possible since the server immediatly recognizes them and you get an out of sync error and lose the game.

However, as it is now, your pc (the client) receives from the server (and stores in memory) the locations of all the units on the map. At that point it only has to compute which parts of the map you are able too see. It's fairly easy for a good hacker to discover where this info are stored and tell your client that you're able to see the whole map.

I simply don't think this problem can be solved on the client side alone (oh, you can of course patch it but another maphack will come soon...)

And Diablo2 is not exactly a good example of a non-cheating environment ;)

Besides, here is a link (http://www.warcraftstrategy.com/feature/Noodlez/020808.asp) to an interview with the creator of the hack (a 14 years old).

The best part of it is:

Well... I am against wide spread Battle.Net hacking. When one person has a hack, I wouldn't mind that at all.


09-08-2002, 01:33:49
Fist: There's a lot of 14 year olds who claim to do this stuff. I'll believe it when I see it. Sounds pretty much like 14 year old morals and intelligence, though, which is why they are so despised to play with:).

The problem with the peer to peer thing is that all the data being exchanged between the computers is the player's command inputs. Since the game is totally deterministic, my game responds to your commands in the exact same way your game responds to my commands, and it plays out. You get an Out of Sync with any hack that changes anything - the peer to peer compares the states of each person's games, and if it finds a difference, game over.

What this means is that there is absolutely no way to keep map info confidential.

Monk: So all those CD key bannings mentioned on the Arreat summit didn't help at all?

Also, what is your bro doing at Blizzard North? Trying to get Shirt Guy Tom back?:D

The Mad Monk
10-08-2002, 16:14:03
Oh, I'm sure they had some effect -- emphasis on some. It didn't hit the dupers near hard enough; it mostly hit the chesthackers, and it didn't touch the maphackers. If the mood on diabloii.net is anything to go by, there's a "bloodied but unbowed" attitude among the hackers, if not one of righteous indignation at Blizzard for daring to make a stand on how their game is being played on their servers. Feh.

Pete's at Blizzard because, well, Pete has fans at Blizzard. I'm sure Tom has something to do with it ;), but given the Diablo project they have him working on, he probably dosen't have all that much time.