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01-08-2002, 07:26:18
finally managed to send me several CDs of german bands from the late 70s/80s, a very interesting phase of german music.

Influenced by Iggy Pop, Ramones, early british punk it was some kind of punk/new wave mixture. Interesting because they tried to play with classic german Schlager lyrics and structures as well. You may call it geek punk, and according to that their main targets were the classic german rock musicians (Kraut rock was big that time, but outdated).

My personal favourites are the bands a later stage of that period, just before the music industry started the big sell out in 1983. When Nena hit the stage, wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt, produced by Jim Rakete, it was over. Dumb easy listening plastic bands flushed away the punk geeks.

Probably the best album (and a commercial success) was Fehlfarben's "Monarchie und Alltag". Singer Peter Hein was VERY intense, the lyrics were a little weird sometimes, but brilliant. Phrases from TV ads, political parties mixed with very personal statements. The cover showed a typical German Mietshaus, bounjour tristesse, with a Grundig ad: Millions of TV watchers can't be wrong (see link).

Hein worked at a Rank Xerox plant and never quit that job (works still there). He left Fehlfarben - just before they got popular. The produced some other albums, but they were crap: without Hein it was like the Beatles without Lennon.


I'm also getting Hans-A-Plast's first album
a (female) punk band from Hannover, very tough and political


Also DAF, S.Y.P.H, der Plan, Palais Schaumburg and Andreas Dorau plus an excellent 2 CD sampler with rare material from that time (the infamous austrian Xao Seffcheque!!)


02-08-2002, 11:26:40
I really deserve these CDs.
yesterday I tried to get to the post building to get my Amazon parcel, but I could't because of the thunderstorm. Today the S-Bahn didn't work and the bus got stuck in the traffic jam.
One hour walk through Hamburg ...