View Full Version : Best developer news page ever?

28-07-2002, 10:54:29

This man is tempting me to buy an XBox.

28-07-2002, 14:54:57
You're right, that is the best developer news page ever!

28-07-2002, 17:34:20
The guy is hilarious, had me laughing out loud in several places.

We had a link here to our very first international press hit, but something really bad must have happened overseas because the link died. Let me give you a snippet of what you missed, from the translation I got from Alta Vista's Babel Fish: “Us very did not include/understand, but it is still about a history containing kidnapping: unpleasant removes the brains of gifted children in order to build an army of super hero.” Which freaks me out, because that's like, STRAIGHT out of my design document.