View Full Version : Grrrrrr

25-07-2002, 23:22:02
Damn BattleNet! Five damned loss in a row due to disconnections tonite. :mad:

Well maybe I should give up now... but, haven't had any problems till tonight :confused:

26-07-2002, 02:24:40
What game is it? We need to be warned.

26-07-2002, 07:22:08
Have played over 30 games w/o lag at all but yesterday was a nightmare. From disconnections during the game to errors on the server during inizialization. :(

Apparently I wasn't the only one though as there were many people complaining in the main chat lobby...

26-07-2002, 15:46:40
Thanks. That helps, though I had no immediate plans to buy an online game anyway. Could be just a temporary glut of users as people pick up the game. It'll probably go away on its own, if Bnet doesn't fix it.