View Full Version : Guildford Festival Report!

25-07-2002, 19:32:10
... will probably never get written, because I am too lazy. :sleep:

25-07-2002, 19:35:06
Good reason!

25-07-2002, 19:47:31
I'm doing yet another live review next week. Could people please post articles, this is getting embarassing for me.

25-07-2002, 20:15:20
I'm busy with other stuff.

25-07-2002, 20:17:37
How about an interview with The Unholy?

25-07-2002, 20:17:59
Sure, you want to write it?

25-07-2002, 20:24:57
Then I'll have a four-article streak on the front page. Not a great idea. :D

Kamrat X
26-07-2002, 12:12:48
Thereīs a small open air concert thingy in Slottskogen (Big ass park in Gothenburg) this sunday featuring Lambretta, Vilmer X, Infinite Mass and....Markoolio :vom:

I can write something from there (if the weather is nice that is, otherwise Iīll stay inside and play SMACX)

26-07-2002, 12:17:53
That would be great.

Kamrat X
26-07-2002, 21:30:41
On second thought I think I will have to skip the concert. The tickets cost 180 SEK (approx 12Ģ) :mad:

Some other time perhaps...

26-07-2002, 22:17:29
I'm doing Kalas, so don't you touch that. :D

Kamrat X
27-07-2002, 00:11:06
Kalas sucked as well :D

I was all :bounce: then we didnīt get any tickets... :( Instead we did some :beer: sitting at the nearby hill. :D