View Full Version : OpFlashpoint gold - the red hammer expansion pack

06-12-2001, 17:44:54
just saw this in the shops last night. Anyone got it?

Apparently fixes the multiplayer bugs and includes the new russian campaign - red hammer

No longer Trippin
06-12-2001, 18:05:54
Operation Flashpoint is a good game, till you get to being involved in the vehicle missions. The controls are so goddamned awful that it becomes impossible to do anything. Some of the latter missions have bad scripting errors which make it impossible to complete the mission. Once you start commanding your own sqaud, thats when the game becomes a pain in the ass. The AI doesn't always listen to you, or decides to wait until the tank comes to him before attacking. That tank in the meantime kills the rest of your team if your lucky, if your not, it will kill you as well. I thought this game was good till I got far into it. Sorta like smac. They got the beginning right, the rest just blew donkey dick.

C.G.B. Spender
06-12-2001, 19:40:21
It has got some new MP missions, some new weapons and vehicles and the russian campaign. I played the first two missions so far. It's very similar to the other campaign so far, 2 big attack missions.
It comes with a strategy guide for the old mission - a terrible german translation - and the patch to V1.3

I liked it and had actually no problems with the vehicles, but MP problems since V1.1 (ping > 9999999999999)

Check this site http://www.ukd.org.uk
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No longer Trippin
06-12-2001, 21:34:15
The vehicles are just very hard to control, as a tank it can be a bitch, along with the helicopter. Driving them is one thing, commanding them is another. The cobra drove me fucking nuts.

If another group has to do something, and the leader dies, the script doesn't forward you the message to proceed to the next objective, and even if you do, and take it, you don't win as the script is stuck. Very shitty --- the beginning missions are done well, the closer one gets to the end, the sloppier it gets.

C.G.B. Spender
07-12-2001, 07:46:21
I didn't have that much problems, but a few missions seemed to hard for me and the scripting is annoying if you have to try the same mission over and over again. You just learn where enemies appear and it becomes jump and run. On the other sid you can try anything and there were some really nice MP mission available. I even did a car race mission ...

C.G.B. Spender
07-12-2001, 07:49:29
MP was very buggy. In the earlier version you usually got stuck in an vehicle. I got a screen shot whit a doppelgänger: 2 Spenders in cars, when I used the controls both vehicles moved. I managed to crash one of them and the doppelgänger disappered.
However, playing MP I really had a lot of fun. It's so incredibly funny if you don't take it serious ,,,,