View Full Version : My Earth Empire is Expanding

23-07-2002, 14:29:54
This is fairly old news, but there's an expansion for Empire Earth in the works. I'm probably the only one who plays it (besides darkstar, but he's damn near a lurker so he doesn't count). Called the Art of Conquest they're promising more of everything good, including space battles.

Gamespot (http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/previews/0,10869,2875181,00.html) has some info, at least until the whores start charging for it. So do the devil bastards asSierra (http://empireearth.sierra.com/expansion/expansion-index.html).

23-07-2002, 14:45:32
I have played it. It got a bit silly because I was in the most futuristic age while my ally and our two opponents were both in WW2.

23-07-2002, 14:50:56
It gets very silly. I bumped up the difficulty and was getting pounded. It can take hours to fully defeat one enemy team. Game cheats like a mother fucker.

23-07-2002, 15:07:03
Have played it quite a lot but never in multi, just finished the 4 campaigns and played a couple of times against the AI. Got bored when I saw how much it cheated.

I still think that's a great RTS, epic battles, lots of units and action. And BIG explosions :)