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06-07-2002, 18:15:28
So just a quick check, what are you guys running it on and any problems?

I'm running 1Ghz Athlon,192Mb GF2(32Mb), SB live (EAX) and it runs OK but occasionally struggles with the graphics and there seems to be a glitch with the sound in movies where it pauses every second or so. otherwise fine.

Have just bought another 256Mb to bung in, should help a bit.

Main prob is the memory is all PC100, dont see the point in upping that until I get a new machine and chuck the lot.

06-07-2002, 18:53:12
I run it on two systems without issues at all:

P3 800, 384MB PC133 RAM, GeForce 3 64MB, SB Audigy (EAX 3.0), runs perfectly fine.
Athlon XP 2100+, 512MB DDR333 RAM, GeForce 4 Ti4600, SB Audigy (EAX 3.0), also runs perfectly fine (as it damn well should!).

06-07-2002, 21:29:59
I'm not complaining - 95% of the time it runs beautifully, its not crashing or anything just ocasionally slowing down and stuttering. Maybe the extra memory will help - it would bring it up to the same amount as your 1st system (but a bit slower). Cant find a price for a GF4 - the only one I saw today was only 64 quid but was one of those GF4MXs which seem to be little better than a glorified GF2 (and I have the GTS fersion of that anyway)

06-07-2002, 22:31:39
I have a P3 933, 256MB RAM, GeForce 2 32MB, SB Live

Runs quite well in 1024x768. A bit choppy and stuttering at times, but I can take that. No complaints.

07-07-2002, 11:45:24
PC100 or 133 ram?

07-07-2002, 18:30:10
Performance is a bit choppy on my Athlon 1700+ with GeForce2, but that seems fair enough - it's also old, slow memory at 100mhz, but the main problem are the scripting errors, memory leaks, and other crashes...

08-07-2002, 08:34:51
I havnt had any crashes but I thought there might be a memory leak as it does seem to slow down after certain amounts of time. Hopefully the 400+Mb I have should slow the process down - thats a lot of space to leak into

08-07-2002, 12:58:01
P1.7 RAM 256 64MB GeForce 4 Go

No problems yet. Haven't even installed the patch yet. Occasional slowdowns in the toolset when I click for an objects properties. It takes a few more seconds than normal, but nothing troublesome.

08-07-2002, 16:19:17
P4 1.8 512 RAM Geforce 3 - just reinstalled june issue detonator drivers - should have stuck with the march/april release - since then I've noticed occasional choppiness to running and scrolling. Crashed twice and I'm in the middle of Ch. 2. Not as bad as I feared.

there's also a henchman teleport thing going on - I think its deliberate coding, since the pathfinding can't keep up with me when I run.

09-07-2002, 00:51:43
MDA: Definitely deliberate, and occasionally incredibly annoying. For instance you can't order your henchie to wait in one area while you check out another one (that has a massive halforc with a scyth, say, right next to the door, who will kill her in under a round with not a hope in hell of doing anything about it).

09-07-2002, 15:00:50
The correct solution is to have better pathfinding. :)

You can have her "stand her ground" a short distance down the hall before you jump that half-orc/ogre/troll. She shouldn't move unless attacked. With the cleric, I can leave her there and then command her to heal me as needed while I block the doorway. Sometimes its nice to sneak out in front and have her following behind in loud clunky armor drawing them in, just for the sneak attack bonus.

I have a panther animal companion(Loki) that sneak attacks quite a bit. Unfortunately, he can't survive long even in a straight up, one-on-one fight. I may switch up for a dire wolf next level. Familiars and animal companions are fun, if nothing else. The badger running animation cracks me up, its really well done.

Local paper claimed the SP campaign wasn't good, because it seemed designed to be played by a party. I seem to be doing fine with a henchman and the occasional summon. I was getting pounded playing solo, though, so the truth may be somewhere in between.

Ahem! Where's that mini-review? The wedding plans can wait. :)

09-07-2002, 17:44:45
The half-orc in the prison. I sent my henchman way back and had her hold her ground. Then I would sneak attack and run like hell. After running around in circles until he lost me, I would sneak attack again, until I beat him.

I finished the entire ground level of the prison district without a henchman. However, when I reached the stink beetles, I realized that I needed some help.

I've noticed some slow downs at certain points too now. After a while of playing the game seems to freeze or slow down dramatically. I'm going to install the patch today and see if that helps.

No longer Trippin
28-07-2002, 04:51:06
I've had a friend who came over and tried it on two of my machines... it's script errors and shitty programming that are slowing it down, not hardware (quad xeon, nfinite fx2 nvidia 256DDR card, 4 gigs DDR, 18000 rpm barraccuda drives, 133 ata bus)... also tried it on my dual pentium 4 2.2, 4600g4 128 ddr, 1 gig ddr... ran into errors and bogged down (though not noticeably unless you were running diagnostics to check for it due to the speed) at the same spots... this was without the patch though, mind you, as it hadn't been released at the time. I don't have the game so I can't do a follow through... but so far it looks like a bend over and grab your ankles Sid style approach to gaming.

29-07-2002, 13:16:26
I haven't noticed any slow downs in quite awhile. Except for Windows XP giving me pop ups and crashing my system. :mad:

29-07-2002, 15:43:02
Well my computer specs are always changing I like to buy lots of new hardware and plonk it in:

Athlon 2100+
1024mb DDR 2600
GeForce 3 (64mb)
SB Live Platinum (with audio unit)
2 X 7200 RPM 60GB Seagate HDs
Asus A7A 266 MoBo
Windows XP

Runs without any slowdown, with all settings maxed out. Plus I can run this game along with 3D Studio Max rendering in the background and everything is stable.

29-07-2002, 15:53:15
I get a crash about once a week, which is about 12-14 hours of play for me. I only notice some strange collision stuff when I sneak attack a monster running toward Linu, who's clanking along behind me. Sometime the monster goes a few steps past/through me then blinks back, right before I sneak attack.
There's also a side quest in Ch3. where I destroyed a pedestal I needed to put items on to unlock another pedestal with the side quest item. I had developed a habit of destroying groups of pedestals like that ASAP, b/c they tend to summon things. Mistake.

XP home
512 (RD?)RAM
Geforce3 64mb
SB live value
1.8Ghz P4

No longer Trippin
30-07-2002, 21:27:16
Well, I didn't notice any noticable slowdown, I mean framerate wise it dropped a bit on the xeon, but nothing noticable at all unless it was being monitored by computer/network diagnostics out of the game monitoring cpu usage, mem usage, framerate, etc. Now I have a Quad Xeon and a Dual p4 system which it was tested on. There were no percievable slowdowns to the human eye, but there are bugs, scripting errors and the like which on much more reasonable systems most people would notice.
If I have time I might pick up a copy... it looks decent.

31-07-2002, 09:18:12
It doesn't run on my PC because I don't own the game

No longer Trippin
31-07-2002, 21:11:03
Beta, your graphics slowdowns are mostly due to having 32 megs on your video card, most games now really need 64 even when they say they don't. I would imagine that 192 megs of ram would be enough to cache all the graphics and code for a "scene." What type of ram, and what's the port speed on the agp bus (x2 or x4?). What brand of gf2, with what type of memory?

01-08-2002, 12:28:28
Its an Elsa GF2 x2 AGP DDR. God knows about the memory. I figured it was one of the slower bits but theres not a lot of (economic) sense in upgrading it until I dump the MoBo/processor etc as well. Prob buy a new machine in 12-18months anyway

No longer Trippin
02-08-2002, 10:47:30
the 32 megs of ram with the x2 bus is what is slowing you down... not to mention that NWN has some steep real performance requirements. If you have SDRAM PC-100 or 133, then that will slow it down even more. It's not the processor. The processor only has to plot the points to be drawn (which a 500-700 mhz processor can easily do at max resolution providing you have fast RAM and a good graphics card if the 3D engine is relatively competently designed) and run the scripts/artificial idiot.

You will probably have to dump the Motherboard to upgrade to DDR or RDRAM, you could reuse the chipset, but at the cost they are at these days, you might as well replace it. But DDR is expensive, RDRAM more so, and it doesn't run on Athlons as far as I know of. DDR does though. So if money is an issue, I'd go with a new ddr capable motherboard, 512 of ddr 800, 1300 is more expensive and you don't really need it considering DDR is MUCH faster that SDRAM and upgrade your graphics card to one that is at least agp 4x w/64 megs ddr... if you have the money, and play a lot of first person shooters, I'd aim for 128 meg ddr geforce 4 or matrox parhelia card. Lastly I'd upgrade your processor later on to a 2 ghz or so.

Then go down the line with hardrive, cd-rom (before it burns out... many ones built nowadays, unless they are SCSI or top of the line IDE are designed to burn out within two to four years, depending on the manufacurer they are supplying it for and the warranty offered. This is from the mouth of a vendor. He also said lower end hardrives, DVD drives, and graphics cards are heading that way now as well (more so than before). So when you look for a graphics card, look for a recognized name, I know that Leadtek and Visiontek have good track records with reliability and customer service. Nvidia releases guidelines for their board makers to follow, but most cut corners... Visiontek follows the guidelines to the letter and Leadtek exceeds them, in some cases greatly... while it doesn't improve performance much, it improves reliability and a life of the card.

NWN and Morrowind though both weren't designed by people who knew 3D engines, and it shows. Yes, they look good and are fun to play, but they could be better (I Can't personally say how in NWN, I could say so from my friends PoV). NWN has its bugs and errata (I don't own it, I only had a friend run it on my system to see if it was his system that was fucking up or if it was the program - his system wasn't fast enough to compete with incompetent coding), and Morrowind it shows in the framerate, the low polygon count, the HORRIBLE weather engine and piss poor AI combined with piss poor combat system. Jedi Knight 2 had better AI for up close combat, and supported far more characters on the screen at once, and looked like a polished finished game. It took full advantage of vertex shaders with VERY little hit on the framerate, while on morrowind, the framerate sucks peroid unless your indoors (and I've ran it on a commercial graphics processor and a geforce 4 4600 Ti) Morrowind is still a great game, they just should have bought an engine, paid ID a bit to modify it to support cells and additional scripting and they probably would have came out way ahead in terms of graphics, AI, load times, cost to produce. I mean it is sad that all characters have only one death animation. I haven't seen that since when sprites were last used in games.

02-08-2002, 11:45:55
Morrowind has lovely weather:).

02-08-2002, 15:29:12
Well as I mostly play stuff that requires far less poke (things like Combat MIssion play fine on pretty much anything!) its not really a problem. Even the FPSs I play (OpFlashpoint/Ghost Recon) run fine. Its only really NWN that struggles and then only in places. Admittedly thats not at max settings (although the only thing that really seems to to make a hit without moving to the largest textures is the multiple shadows).

I cant seem myself upgrading anything at the moment as the next game I'm planning on buying (Combat Mission:Berlin to barbarossa) will run fine on my current machine. By the time I will really need an upgrade it will be new machine time

No longer Trippin
06-08-2002, 04:25:57
Can you turn off shadows? On many systems this is a huge hit, while on some, this is virtually no hit at all. Odd but true

No longer Trippin
06-08-2002, 04:30:46
You never need to upgrade anything but motherboards, ram and graphics cards (for new features), everythings else you can liquid cool and overclock

06-08-2002, 05:00:46
You liquid cool and overclock your hard drives?

06-08-2002, 10:58:42
I can turn shadows up to the one off the top rating without a hit but if I put it full on it slows down. So I get full player shadows but basic creature shadows and some enviromental shadows. Still looks good though.

23-08-2002, 20:18:41
Athlon 2k+, 1 Gig DDR RAM, Gforce 4 Ti - and it runs like a bat out of hell. Bloody well should, too.

23-08-2002, 20:39:07
Originally posted by Beta1
Well as I mostly play stuff that requires far less poke (things like Combat MIssion play fine on pretty much anything!)

Right on, I have K6-2 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM a 4 MB generic graphic card and a 4 MB Voodoo 1 accelerator, and it runs absolutely fine :).
(BTW, Beta, I'm having some problems sending e-mails at the moment, hence the turn delay).

No longer Trippin
24-08-2002, 03:46:09
Can't overclock hd's, but you can stick a liquid cooler on them. I have a Hdd cooler (with top and side copper fins) on mine with two fans blowing air through them... had to use a bracket to put it in a 51/2 slot... but I have tons of bays, so its no problem. I didn't liquid cool my HD's cause the blocks for cooling are 45 a piece, and that's more anti-freeze and a stronger pump I'd have to buy.

No longer Trippin
24-08-2002, 04:13:24
Oh, and Morrowind's engine is a modified version of some other companies engine, it's made for online gaming, and the other game that runs it has many more graphical bugs and perfomance issues than morrowind, as they modified the code for the better. The reason why morrowind runs so slow is that there is no occlussion culling, meaning everything is rendered even though you can't see it. Performance is almost identical btw a g2 and a g4, until you increase the resolution (past 800x600 due to the processor taking most of the graphics load at lower resolutions), and even then, the g4 only slightly outperforms the g2 because it has to render everything that is seen or unseen in a "cell." (at 800x600). Testing on the same system with a pci 64meg g2 (pci) and my massively overclocked g4 ti on 1280x024 there was only a 3-5 frame increase in balmora, and a 10-20 fps increase indoors. Granted you get improved graphics quality with the g4, but not so much as to make it worth your while to go out and buy one just for morrowind. While on games that run the monolith engine or the q3 engine there is a huge increase. I was getting ~125-175 fps on Jedi Knight on my g4 while only pulling ~25-35 on the g2 pci (at 1280x1024).

Morrowind's weather graphically is decent (the rain is on par with other older games, it only shows well when it hits the water with pixel shaders), they could have done a better job with the dust storms, and the constant repeating sound effect every 5 seconds makes it fucking annoying. The shadow engine in the game is horrible as all hell.. seeing peoples shadow even though they are a floor above you, your shadow jumping across the screen not connected at all to the character... I turned off the shadows cause they were more of an annoyance than anything.