View Full Version : Found a cool band on MP3.com

04-12-2001, 11:59:39
Hindsight (http://www.mp3.com/listentohindsight), from Ashford in Kent.

They play atmospheric melodic metal (their term) I found them 'cause they said they sounded like Hundred Reasons, not really, more A Perfect Circle but still good.

Actually their quote is:

Artist description
A fiercely energetic five piece who play hardcore metal with a melodic edge. Combining the likes of A Perfect Circle with less well known influences such as Gameface and By A Thread the band rarely fails to make an impression

04-12-2001, 13:51:46
That's quite some fusion of styles there. :clueless:

04-12-2001, 14:09:38
Yeah, although on the 3 songs on the site they don't seem to blend the styles that much, pretty much APC like throughout.