View Full Version : Our Lady Peace

27-06-2002, 21:17:42
Has anyone ever heard of them across the pond?

27-06-2002, 21:20:10

27-06-2002, 21:26:15
I assume everyone there hates them? :)

28-06-2002, 04:28:13
I had seen them live a few years ago when they played at the End Of Summer Weenie Roast .. in Charlotte. Sponsored by a radio station known as "The End" in NC.

Liked em then and still do. Not a great band but they put on a good show at that time.

28-06-2002, 09:08:43
Some of their older CDs have been pretty good. The problem I've had with their previous CDs is about half the songs I'll really love, and the other half seem like they were rushed or ran out of inspiration for them.

Their latest CD is really good, possibly their best one yet IMO.