View Full Version : I have acquired...

*End Is Forever*
27-06-2002, 20:27:23
...a CD writer. :D

Dad's bought one while I've been away at York. So the Listen Without Prejudice 2 is back on track... :smoke:

27-06-2002, 20:37:22
Argh, fuck fuck fuck. Sirius, this weekend, I promise.

Last time I tried it I got a buffer under-run error :(.

*End Is Forever*
27-06-2002, 20:44:03
He's called Imran, damnit.

27-06-2002, 20:47:46
Sirius over here, not serious at Poly.

*End Is Forever*
29-06-2002, 14:05:19
That was awful...


Provost Harrison
02-07-2002, 19:40:52

Provost Harrison
02-07-2002, 19:51:52
...well I must admit that at first you were going to say 'gonorrhoea' :lol:

Anyway, I suppose you will be terrorising us all with your taste in pop-punk burnt onto CD :nervous: