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20-06-2002, 13:13:01
I passed the suggestion to Qweeg that he should look into Big Engine (www.bigengine.co.uk) if he has any intention of getting his work published.

Thought I would give the idea a wider airing.

20-06-2002, 13:17:35
Followed the link myself, and they are starting a hard-copy magazine (UK) later this year. There are submission guidelines (http://www.3sfmag.co.uk/submissions.html).

20-06-2002, 14:10:27
That's really good, thanks Noisy. Might work on a short short...

30 per 1000 words... I can write 1500 words an hour... ;)

20-06-2002, 14:30:41
This time next year...we'll all be millionaires! :beer:

20-06-2002, 14:39:20
Couple of hours work a day, lovely.

20-06-2002, 14:40:04
PS good work noisy :)

20-06-2002, 15:04:07
i started reading the first chapter of ersatz nation by tim kenyon from their site and it was shit.

Then i started reading the first chapter of Guardians of Alexander by John Wilson. This was shit as well.

Then i started reading some of The cyber puppets by Angus McAllister. This was short. And shit. (which is better i suppose)

If this stuff can get published it should give heart to any aspiring writer.

20-06-2002, 15:13:28

20-06-2002, 15:56:36
King_G - that whole last post of yours should be used as the opening paragraph of your first novel/short story.

20-06-2002, 17:47:11

thanks (i think) :D

I have actually written about 18,000 words of a novel that i'm working on, but it needs to be a lot longer before i've achieved what i'm trying to achieve.

But I think i will try and knock out a short story and submit it to that site or to Interzone (more likely).

21-06-2002, 14:07:11
You ain't gonna neglect to give your old CG chums a read are ya Ghid?

Come on... lets have a read:)

20-07-2002, 07:43:26

20-07-2002, 12:27:21
I won't be posting anything until it's nearly finished (however many weeks/months/years that is) - because i wrote the skeleton and am filling in the meat it, won't make any sense at all as it is now.

20-07-2002, 13:27:04
very wise move indeed;)