View Full Version : Apocaliptica?

18-06-2002, 09:37:21
Anyone heard these
I think they did the theme to 'Angel', but have also done a load of Metallic covers

Seriously scary sound coming out of classical instruments, it's great

18-06-2002, 10:43:15
Yeah, heard a few songs, very interesting.

Provost Harrison
20-06-2002, 23:34:55
Plain weird...

21-06-2002, 13:47:52
I like the theme to "Buffy"... :(

21-06-2002, 23:05:32
I have one CD of theirs and another load of their stuff on MP3 (Tool and Sepultura covers). The sound they get from those cellos is phenomenal, but I find them a hit and miss affair, with some tracks stormingly beautiful whilst others seem clumsy and dull.