View Full Version : Green Day - Shenanigans

12-06-2002, 14:49:33
Hmmm... I wonder who I should give this CD to... I don't have any writers who like pop-punk, at least not ones who regularly turn up at meetings... ;)

*End Is Forever*
13-06-2002, 14:45:38
Just to let everyone know that he's decided not to give it to me... bastard. :)

Of course, if he hadn't told me he wasn't going to give it to me, then I wouldn't have known anyway. Start extracting those bullets from your toes now, Johan... ;)

Provost Harrison
16-06-2002, 16:25:14
Go boy, go get him, get that CD :D

21-06-2002, 14:11:51
I just came here to say: Greenday sucks!

I miss High School. :(