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05-06-2002, 14:22:10
I just wanted to say this

*lightening series of deadly kung-fu-jedi moves in Spinning-Drunken-Goblin style for extra emphasis*

now, back to hip-replacement mode... where's seen my walking stick?

In my opinion Attack of the Clones is the best SW movie so far- I saw it over the big-weekend with a couple of mates and really enjoyed it, especially the scenes where Boba Fett as a kid and his dad make that run through that planets ring chasing Obi Wan, (don't you just love a rapid series of explosions? and regardless of the irreality of sounds in space, you just cannot underestimate the importance of well timed flash-before-boom in a good hearty explosive detonation)

I especially liked the battle scenes when Yoda turns up in the gunship with the spanking new Republican Army and rescues the Jedi from the arena. And especially that bit where Count Duku, (Sir Christopher Lee National Treasure) has the fight with Yoda- reminiscent of the similar context scene in Lord of the Rings when he beats up Gandalf for his insolence.

Having said that- the only thing that really offended me in the last movie was Jar jar and the idea of a planet made entirely of water- where the water didn't even have the descency to be completely uninhabitable at the planets core... but then the critics waded in and I soon found much much more then I could possibly have thought of on my own to hate about it. I don't think the same applies here, I'm satisfied with AotClones, and really look forward to the next one- the one where Anikin turns, and the Jedis are slaughtered... and Yoda runs away to live in a swamp:(

now i show you... furious flying goblin fist!

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Nice one. Couldn't agree more.