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05-11-2017, 02:10:16
got a book about how greek was byzantium written by some sorbonne fuckety fuck big shot. it is filled with platitutes I weep for my euros


Ο ήλιος βασιλεύει

the sun royals.

the sun "royals" wtf is that?


we don't say the sun sets
we say
the sun royals

wtf is that?

it's from byzanium when the sun sets the sky gets the deep red color of the royal emperor.... hence... the sun royals......



also there is no such mundane phrase as the sun sets

if you don't want to say the sun royals, you say ο ήλιος δύει = the sun wests...

05-11-2017, 02:13:39
it IS amazing because βασιλευει (royals - as a verb) is inscrictely tied to the sun lowering down and setting, also to getting sleepy, to night.... and to think this opriginated from byzantium and the deep red color porfyron of the emperor.... simply amazing

the language is intrawoven to the culture so much it's hard to believe

ok so I don't weep so much for my euros

05-11-2017, 02:19:41
also why is the emblem a double headed eagle?

it used to be a single headed eagle, the roman one. but when byzanitum temporarily lost its western hold and wanted to greekify the western territories once more it adopted a double headed eagle, west and east. and us in the middle. the center of everything. the truth.
a myriad of countries adopted the douvle headed eagle, russia, poland albania
it's intereting to note that the sinlge headed eagle is for nazis only. germany, US...

05-11-2017, 02:24:22
well not nazi I'm overexagerating. the one having been nazi and the other having white in population surveys

The Mad Monk
05-11-2017, 09:42:23
On the surface of a sphere, everything is the center of everything.

05-11-2017, 20:53:35
in 480 b.c. demaratos had fled sparta for persepolis. in the royal yard of xerxes.

xerxes boasted: I'll defeat greece like taking a stroll.
however demaratos who had fled sparta due to a dispute with leotychedes said: no. all the greeks will unite against you. for the ομόγλωσσον (one language) the ομόθρησκον (one religion) the Ομοηθές (one morality) and the ομοαιμον (one blood)

It is the oldest definition of nation in the history of mankind.
one language, one religion, one morality one blood

05-11-2017, 20:54:33
btw demaratos was right, xerxes was wrong

05-11-2017, 20:56:29
if we disect those foundations, the bulding blocks of a nation we see they have varying potency in the formation of a nation.
it's funny because the writer goes on quoting fernand braudel that french is the one who speaks french. which is so wrong

05-11-2017, 21:14:08
however, isokrates fro, 4 century b.c. said "Το έλλην ου του γένους αλλά της διάννοιας - έλληνες εισί οι της ημερέρας παιδεύσεως". - hellenicity (being greek) steams not from birth but from intellect. Greeks are the ones that have partaken in Greek education/agogi

05-11-2017, 21:16:11
then alexander conquered everything and gave birth to the koine - the common tongue. which in turn gave birth to latin. hellenism absorbed everything including indian elephants
then christianity emerged and apostole paul said clearly " ουκ ενι ιουδαιος ή έλλην" there is no jew nor greek
christianity is panhuman, the equality of all

05-11-2017, 21:20:07
so the definining difference between rome and byzantium was that the latter was a) christian b) greek speaking

nationality in byzantium was religion. christian and roman citizen was a tautology. the barbarian, the other was the one of a different (than christian) faith

05-11-2017, 21:24:56
the 'pure roman" (byzantine) emerged after great theodosius in the 4 century made christianity the religion of the empire.
now, when then did the neohellenic national identity emerged?
before being called an hellene or greek ment you were an idol worshiper a pagan a stranger. it didn;'t matter if you were actually greek or not

05-11-2017, 21:27:23
the modern neo-greek national identity emerged in the 15th century Plethon Gemistos (who was not greek by blood funnily enough) wrote Ελληνες εσμεν ως γλωσσα και η πατριος παιδεια δηλωνουν". The dawn of the new (old - reformed) identity is being born. that of trhe roman, the christian orthodox, the hellene/greek in tongue and education