View Full Version : Do we get crazier as we get older?

21-10-2017, 15:40:52
I don't know I was wondering.
It seems life is not a beach and then you die.
But the same mistakes, the same feelings, the same circles keep repeating again and again and again like the day of the marmote?
And then there's death you know kind of knocking on the door because when you were younger you didn't think about it but now it's a possibility.

There is a futility in all things. Is this spike infested pessimism a characteristic of the human condition? And what can you do to aleviate this pain?
A man said that art is the only creative thing. Maybe he was right.
Art is a necessity, a necessairy welcomed steam letting outlet.

You need art. the SO has a lot to do with art, damn I love her a lot.

Anyway this futility, what can chase it away I wonder

21-10-2017, 16:49:19
Not me. :bounce::clueless::mr_b:

21-10-2017, 18:53:00
I'm more sane old than young :clueless:

21-10-2017, 20:55:34
No, we just get more aware of our existing craziness.

22-10-2017, 13:06:02
No, Groundhogs and marmots are two different things.

The Mad Monk
22-10-2017, 18:14:31

22-10-2017, 21:57:02
I don’t think I have enough brain cells left to be crazy.

26-10-2017, 16:20:56
thank you for your replies :)

26-10-2017, 19:03:29
As I get older I get more likely to tell people to fuck off, is often the sanest thing to do!

27-10-2017, 13:36:53
No, Groundhogs and marmots are two different things.

Groundhogs are a subspecies of marmot, so says the wise and all knowing Google.

The Mad Monk
28-10-2017, 05:26:50
Now that's crazy.