View Full Version : Why would anyone want to be immortal?

03-05-2017, 03:02:15
You do realize that being immortal would require you to work for all of eternity in order to continue to pay for your lifestyle, right? Hell in the future, people could easily live to 150, which sounds cool until you realize that those same people would have to work various jobs for at least 100 years before they could even begin to afford retiring.

Plus immortality seems like it would get REALLY boring after awhile.

03-05-2017, 05:09:21
I would be okay with it. For a bit of nostalgia, go here:


03-05-2017, 21:03:19
Morgan was the best. I loved being able to get the gold bonus without completely screwing up the environment.

05-05-2017, 20:35:31
The whole cutting heads off thing and then getting struck by lightning which makes you stronger thing would be cool. Assuming it wasn't your head which was cut off.