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22-04-2017, 17:25:33

how come a whole city doesn't have a single room available (that's less that thousands of euros) apart some hostels in the muslim ghettos?


let's listen to a song

22-04-2017, 17:53:22
hello dear youngster

it is most fortunate we met in this fine ghetto half the terrorist attacks in europe originated from.

I have to attend an important meeting but just allow me to say it is an obvious honour to have to share a bed next to you and your stinging feet.
please allow me to donate this fine watch as collateral for not you stealing anything else

thank you
god bless


of course this is not going to happen

i have connections

23-04-2017, 09:58:29
You are looking for an apartment?

28-04-2017, 00:58:17
no for a hotel room

the connections worked I got one. it was very overpriced but ok.
the meetings ok

but MOST IMPORTANTLY I saw a friend of my childhood I hadn't seen in 20 years


We grow old. lives entire lives.
the path that lives take
still great to see him because you know childhood friendships are very strong. and we have a click, we are different. we grew up in another country. all greeks of course. but a bit more than that.

I feel very serene.
Greece is serene. and the place of my childhood is serene.

But fuck I'm tired from one end of europe to the other and again and again and again and again

28-04-2017, 01:00:01
great great retrouvaille

28-04-2017, 01:02:13
a greek poet wrote country is the place of our childhood

28-04-2017, 01:03:52
also the perks of flying business class is you don't have to wait like an idiot to board the plane, you go first.,so that's great

I'll use that more often

but dddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

reality man

some relationships are strong

28-04-2017, 01:07:02
I feel full
Like my soul has filled up
like there was a piece missing
because I din't know
where had all those guys go?

to what country are they know?
what do they do
how are they?
are they ok?!

some are, some are not but I now know you know?

it was very important

28-04-2017, 01:08:43
like you have a nail (or a screw :D ) lose you know?

and then comes the hammer and BANG it's right back in its place

I thank God for this

28-04-2017, 01:10:20
we have limited time on this earth
filling up with memories experiences and human relationships is the MOST important thing

damn it

I also got conned ina transit non eu country and bought cigarettes for like 14 euroes but I don't fucking care :)


28-04-2017, 01:11:00

28-04-2017, 01:21:58
I puprosufeully pushed it to have tw days free
was a whole week away

but it doesn't stop here
now that I know where they are I'm gonna see my friends again

(this means I have to work a bit my butt off to secure the business travels but that's minor)

28-04-2017, 01:22:49

28-04-2017, 16:39:39
the next trip is in a few days and it's going to last again for a week.
the SO is going to kill me
(not really she's happy I'm doing good and maybe I can curtail it to two days)

28-04-2017, 16:40:47
But I'm doing good. I also got her some great gifts (I got gifts for everyone :D) hell I even got one for myself. I was happy

28-04-2017, 16:43:45
I was also astonished by the health issues of another childhood friend as I found out,.
Amazingly serious, deadly.
He escaped death twice by a very thin margin.
He was always reckless I remember that. Still, he's ok

28-04-2017, 16:44:56
and many have kids.
I'm invited to baptisms. :)
fuck have to go to a kids store and buy some shit. I haveno idea what

28-04-2017, 16:46:17
probably clothes because they are too little to play games
or some rattles so they can bang it on their dads' heads :D

so happy for my friends :)

28-04-2017, 16:48:46
I also came to the realization that the train has left the station
have to get onboard