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20-03-2017, 16:25:53
chop oonions and garlic

shot??? them up in the casarol

add squid.

shot it up for 8-10 minutes

put it out with white wine
wait untill the wine evaporates

now add tomato juice (slightly concetrated)

daphne leaves
salt, pepper

a glass of water

cook for 30 minutes

heaven :love:

The Mad Monk
20-03-2017, 17:15:03
Shot? :shoot:

20-03-2017, 17:40:25
and a beer? :beer:

The Mad Monk
21-03-2017, 05:32:20
Would daphne leaves work with beer?

What about Velma leaves?

24-03-2017, 19:20:36
I searched about velma and it has something to do with scooby do? an american show?
must be because another character is named daphne.

daphne is a godess but also a plant (laurel)

24-03-2017, 19:24:46
leaves is the pluriel of leaf no?
but also it means to leave someone

proceeding in automatic conjuctures

here's apollo and daphne

it's italian medieval. you can see it's cheap

the real thing when hunting for the booty


satyre and aphrodite

I saw it up close in the national museum

vastly impressive

also agamemnon's mask and some things about odysseus